4th of July

Hi all!

Some updating from us – not thrilling – just what we’re up to.

We are mostly watching it rain and… rain.

Boys are fine. Kyle is still job hunting…

We have dad’s house listed for sale. I’d like to win the lottery and be able to buy it but, probably won’t happen.

Jack & Mel are at the house for the next couple of weeks and we’ll be there in August. We’ll celebrate our 35th Anniversary, Kyle’s 30th birthday and a delayed b’day for Chris, 32. Good grief! Meg will visit the end of August.

If you’d like to buy the house on Squam, here’s the page.

Some excitement this week – Moffett had the truck at work and two bears decided to climb in and check out the garbage bag in the back.  No pics, I wasn’t there.

And – some photos! (Surprise!)

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5 Responses to 4th of July

  1. Jo says:

    OK so it’s really easy once you know what you’re doing. Great site.

  2. cesnh says:

    Yay Jo!

    You are my very first comment – thank you!

  3. Chris Skinner says:

    Giving Colleen a Digital Camera…. Guilty

    Giving Mom space on a website to publish photos… Guilty

    Setting her up with a blog… Innocent 🙂

  4. Alice says:

    I’m adding this to my blogroll right now. I think this was a post that needed to be written. Thanks.

  5. Lynn Rollison says:

    So, I am trying tomatoes this year, too. I struggled and started them from seed (organic). They were very slow going (growing) and I probably put them out in the ground sooner than I should have. Then we had 6 weeks of rain. They grew so tall I had to go to Home Depot last weekend and get 7-foot metal stakes to hold them up! I have lots of tomatoes, but we haven’t had any real heat yet, so I’m not sure if I’ll have any “red” ones until late August. We can always try again next year (although I’ll have to be trying it in Illinois – the “land of corn”). lol

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