So, there’s been some confusion from those who haven’t read “blogs.”

I found an interesting site that explains blogs.
It also explains comments:
“Anybody who reads a blog may, if the blog owner allows it, publish comments under a blog entry to agree, to disagree, to sympathize, or to share their own thoughts. This interaction is different than more traditional feedback utilities such as Guestbooks. Guestbooks are generic—entries are not tied to one particular page, or commentary. Blog comments, on the other hand, are tied directly to a particular entry.”

Up there, on the right, it says, “Leave a comment.” You can do that! Your email is not published.

The list on the left is a Blogroll. These are some of the blogs that I read. If you’d like to read one, just click on it. It’s a great way to read about different experiences and waste some time. As you might know, it’s done nothing but rain here for several days/weeks. If I can’t be outside (when I’m not at work), I’d rather read blogs than clean the bathrooms.

My cousin, Jo, in California left the first comment on this blog. Yay, Jo!

Several people emailed me after looking at the blog.
1. I am very confused. The photos I recognized, but did you write a blog?
2. My day is filled with words and this was a pleasant interlude….music and the beauty of nature.  Thanks
3. Wonderful memories in pictures…. I had never seen any of them before. Very special. Your mom was so gorgeous….I never realized how much you looked like your Dad as an infant. The Guyot pix were priceless. I am sure the cousins loved them and then Nana……what can we say about Nana.
4. Your pictures are beautiful.
5. loved your photos and getting up to date on you all. Take care and know we are thinking of you both. Good luck with the sale of the house. I feel sure it is all kind of hard for you and the family.
 6. Thanks for letting me know about your new blog. I was there tonight, andI’ll be back and I’ll put in on my blogroll too. It shows another, creative side of you. Looking forward to more.
7. Wow. That is SO awesome Colleen. Love it. History. Memories. So cool.
8. Okay I think this is cool, but I don’t really understand it!
9. What a wonderful tribute to your dear mother – it is awesome. The photos were great.  Squam Lake property – WOW, the thought of an ACRE+ of land  on Squam alone should be worth the price, plus a lovely home.  Hang in there with the price (they aren’t making anymore land like that available) and there are plenty of people with that kind of money  (no one that I know, but…)
10. Thank you so much!   I laughed and cried.  A great Monday morning gift!
I’m certain you noticed your Mom wore the same TINY blue suit before you were born … and again, taking you home from the hospital!!!!
I’d love to have had her waist at one time in my life!  She looked amazing.   I love the 40’s style she had, she wore it well.
And, John, well, he was a handsome guy for sure.
You are best to do this.
I love your blog too.  Great layout and design.   I read an entry from Margaret and Helen, wonderful writing.
11. I love that, what fun.  Your were such a cute baby!!!!  And I want that blue suit your Mom is wearing!!!  What a great design and color.  Now just tell me why don’t we dress like that, oh yeah jeans came into style!!!!  the pictures at Nana’s were great, we have some of those also, don’t know how we got them.  We used to play dress up out of Nana’s front room closet, she kept all her old cloths and curtains in there so we could play then we’d put on  shows and wake her up to applaud!!!  MaryEllen will remember doing that also.  I think the only song we knew all the way threw was “I’ve Been Working On the Railroad”.  Poor Nana. Thanks for the memories!!!  Always thought your Dad was one handsome dude!
12. that was a beautiful tribute to aunt betty    i like the age thing   at 4 years and 8 years    so true   i wish we could all buy uncle john’s house and everyone would get a couple of weeks there
13. I like the new website a lot…am on my way to Malaysia…quite a shock from the 60F cloudy days we had at the beach in Newport OR…I expect 90F and 90% humidity.  Gave me a chance to buy clothes that I wouldn’t have a chance to wear otherwise. Attached is me and Biff in Paris last spring…how time flies when you are having fun. 



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  1. Kate Besley says:

    Well, this new blog technology has me stumped. Your pictures are beautiful as always. Looks like life is good in NH. We are fine in VA.

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