Tomato Blight

We have always had a vegetable garden, until we moved to NH.  Back in the 70’s, in Richmond, VA, we had a huge garden. We even grew corn! It was fun, even with all the work involved.

This year, we decided to grow a few vegetables. It’s not going so well… I bought just two tomato plants (back in May) figuring that would be enough for the two of us. One yellow, one red. We’ve also put some cabbage and other stuff in the ground. The tomatoes are in pots on the deck in hopes of keeping them away from the wildlife (we had a bear on our deck one year though). They grew, in spite of the endless, relentless rain we had in June. There are even small green tomatoes. BUT, I’m going to have to put them in plastic bags and throw them out. Even though they look bad, I had high hopes that they’d perk up if the sun ever came out. No such luck. Up here in New England, it seems many of the tomato plants purchased from “big box” stores have blight. According to the reports, I’ll get tomatoes (maybe) but they won’t be any good.

“Late blight usually doesn’t strike the Northeast until August.” says Extension Plant Health Specialist Cheryl Smith. “Rainy, overcast weather has provided very favorable conditions for development and spread of the disease.”

Next year, I’ll grow them from seed like I used to.

Meanwhile, the farm down the road has “hot house” tomatoes and will have real ones soon – along with corn and other goodies.

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