More July Photos

It’s raining – again – but – we’ve had several almost summery days!

Here are some photos! They’ll open in a new window – close that window when you’re done.

More July Photos

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2 Responses to More July Photos

  1. Alice says:

    Never mind that email! I figured out what was wrong. (Me, as usual.) You didn’t mention you were such a good photographer. And I love the bird songs, it makes me feel like I’m there almost. Slideshare is a good program.

    I have some photos of Hubby and me with aliens in–not Roswell, but in Rachel Nevada in Area 51. There was a grocery/cafe/general store with everything alien. Really cool. Did they find out anything new while they were there? anything to make them believe or scoff?

  2. Alice says:

    Too bad I couldn’t edit, or I should learn to read before I submit! I meant DIDN’T instead of DID.
    from ces – I fixed it!

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