More to learn

Many years ago, I started a website at the church where I work. Thanks to Chris’s (oldest son) advice, I purchased Dreamweaver and was off and skipping – not running as I had much to learn. He promised his help as long as I never put any flashing text or music on the site. The site isn’t great but it serves its purpose by informing parishioners of what’s going on, and providing the weekly bulletin (often referred to as the greatest kept secret in the Catholic church).

We’re getting ready to update our work computers and software and so, I purchased the new Dreamweaver. I installed it last week and have spent hours playing with it with very little success. I gave up and ordered a book to help. The book arrived today. It’s huge and even though I know I won’t need to know most of the stuff in this book, it’s still extremely intimidating. It has 1,064 pages for heaven’s sake! Regrettably, Chris (the son) no longer works on web pages, so I’m on my own.

January (cold, snowy, can’t get out of the house) would be a much better time to attempt this learning experience but, I’ll start now and hope for the best.

Wish me luck! And patience! And some brain cells…

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