Drip… drip… drip…

July31 006

Rain,rain go away. Come again some other day!

We’re at dad’s house, saying good bye to the house, and again to dad. Jack, Mel and family were here in June/July and it rained much of the time they were here. It’s still raining…

July31 001I’m composing this on our itsy, bitsy notebook,with its itsy, bitsy keyboard. It demands two finger typing and it is difficult.

July31 003There is a birds’ nest right outside the kitchen window and the baby birds are noisy. We haven’t spotted the babies yet.

July28 008

Even this toad was seeking  shelter!

July31 004

The garage roof is growing moss…

July31 005

And so, it was a lovely afternoon for a nap!

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3 Responses to Drip… drip… drip…

  1. Sorry you are saying goodbye to the house.

    Ugh! The green is SO beautiful tho!
    Itsy bitsy for sure.
    Take more naps.

  2. Alice says:

    Reading your post today made me actually feel a bit cooler, as the sun has settled in here in Utah relentlessly. No rain to speak of, and I can remember not too long ago I was complaining about it. I remember camping in New Hampshire and Vermont when we were young and loving the sound of gentle rain on the tent in early morning hours. But I’m with you. Enough’s enough! Go away already. I’ll cross my fingers for you.

    • Millie Steel says:

      Colleen, If that lounge chair pictured above is the one from your Mom’s and Dad’s house, it brings back memories of when your folks bought it (and the twin to it) and the times Bill and I enjoyed trying them out. As I remember, they chose that color because it matched the dog. Our living room rug matches our two dogs for the same reason — doesn’t show shedding! Lately it looks as tho the housing market is improving so maybe that person your house is waiting for will turn up soon. Good luck with it, Millie

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