Loons & Sarah Vaughan

Three!!! sunny days in a row – unheard of these days up here in NH. Actually, we had a total downpour today but it went away and the sun returned.

This post is mostly for the older Dalton cousins. Our dinner music this evening was Sarah Vaughan. Thought about dad and thought about those of you who have said how dad introduced you to Sarah Vaughan. After dinner I was out on the deck. The sun had set and the lake was a beautiful coppery, pink color. There were even loons calling to each other! And Sarah was heard. It made me smile (better than crying).

Here’s a little bit of Sarah for you.

No one has looked at the house yet – this could get interesting. In the past – before the housing market was in the dumps, Squam property usually went pretty quickly. As nice as it would be to keep it for awhile, the property taxes are astronomical. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

A couple of photos…

August5 026

August5 006

August5 020

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3 Responses to Loons & Sarah Vaughan

  1. Alice says:

    I’d like to hang out at the lake myself. Too bad it’s so far away.
    Is the heading photograph taken there as well?

  2. cesnh says:

    Hi Alice,

    No, the lake in the header is Lake Winnipesaukee – taken from our house (not ON the water). Dad’s house is on Squam Lake.

  3. Alice says:

    Missing those pictures. You okay?

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