Learning to learn… again?

We’ve done a whole bunch of computer upgrading at our church office. I’m excited, it’s going to be great. Right now though, it’s the pits. This week is better but navigating through Office 2007 and its ribbons is driving me nuts!! I’ve never gone to the help screens so often. I’ve never been so totally stumped when it comes to working on a computer. Ummm, hmmmm, yes I have I guess, since I’m also working with the new Dreamweaver (CSS, what’s that?? ((Cascading Style Sheet))). No wonder I’m feeling so untechnical. I’ve installed both at home (legally!) and I’m looking forward to uninterrupted time to explore and find what I need. It’s hard at the office to learn the new stuff. Between the phones, people and other staff members who are more lost than I am – I don’t have time to “get it.” My sister has kindly sent me all sorts of help files so I’m hoping to stretch my brain and maybe learn something new.

One very cool thing – I now have remote access to my office computer. That means that during a snowstorm, I’ll be able to work from home if necessary. Of course, that’s assuming there’s electricity and cable.

A visit with the dermatologist resulted in lots of nice scabs on my forehead and one on my nose. I look funny but then, I’m used to that.

In other news, dad’s house has only been shown three times in the last month. In the past, homes on the lake sold quickly. Not now. We need to go over there this weekend to do a little cleaning and put away all the summer stuff.

And the best news, the unemployed son has a job. It’s temporary but at least he’s earning some money and will hopefully be able to pay his own bills very soon.

It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend here in NH. I’m looking forward to spending some time on the deck and – pulling more weeds out of the garden. Such fun!

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4 Responses to Learning to learn… again?

  1. Hooray for Dreamweaver! Always good to learn new things, great exercise for the brain and memory, no matter your age.

    Remote access for the win too. Good stuff.

    My mom has been trying to sell her house for, what, over 6 months? Tough economy. The market is, well, ick.

    Hope your forehead and nose heal soon.

    Woo hoo for employment!! šŸ˜‰
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Meg says:

    Hi, Sounds like to much work for me, I’m still trying to figure out e-mail!!!
    On our way to Detroit for the Jazz Fest this week-end for great music and fun with my sisters, brother and families. Could use a little time in the mountains though. Be well, Love, Meg

  3. Alice says:

    Just to show how out of the loop I am . . . what’s Dreamweaver? It’s good to tax your brain and learn something new, and you’ll have such a sense of confidence and feel so good when you finally get it all figured out. Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks! Arf, arf! (Or is it woof woof?)

    I like that part about working from home. I think I’d even warn the other office staff that there may be a lot more snow on my side of the mountain this season.

  4. jean says:

    I think you’re awesome!….you will have it licked in two weeks!

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