Old friends

Well, we’re not ready to say, “By George, she’s got it!” But I’m getting closer as far as Office 2007. There’s hope!!

Weird thing – at the office we’re already putting stuff in next year’s calendar. It’ s very strange to type/write 2010 – After hitting two zeroes – have to go back and get a one in there. It’s annoying but I guess I’ll get used to it.

Old friends – way back a long, long time ago, we moved into our first house in Richmond, VA. We were lucky as our neighbors became our very best, long time friends. We were the “young ones,” no kids and no clue. They liked us anyway. Next month we’re off to a wedding of one of the neighbor’s sons. We’re all going to be there – there are four couples and I know we’re all very excited to spend some time together.

Our first son had a serious illness during the winter of ’79. These friends were incredibly, awesomely  the best one could ask for. Our 20 month old son was in the hospital for two weeks. Richmond probably had some of its worst snow during those two weeks. I was pregnant. Moffett (yes, that’s really his name…) and I alternated spending nights at the hospital w/ our son. When either one of us got home in the evening, our sidewalk was shoveled, there was food in the kitchen, gifts and even a huge wall size card signed by everyone for our son (I still have that). One morning my husband woke up in a very cold house – turned out the thermostat had died. Another neighbor came over that morning and fixed it. I always get teary when I think about these good friends who supported us. We are so lucky to still be in touch with some of these great neighbors from a long time ago. And I’m truly looking forward to being with them again. (Oh, ps – the 20 month old is 32 and doing great!) Oh – and three of us were pregnant that winter – must have been something in the water…

We cherish all of our friends, especially those that have been with us for a long, long time.

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  1. What beautiful memories you have!!
    Have fun at the wedding! Take tons of pictures and enjoy yourselves!

  2. Alice says:

    the only kind of neighbors to have! the people who usually get them are the people who are good neighbors themselves!!

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