Fall, already?

Where did summer go?? I dread saying this to some of you, my friends, but – we never turned on our AC this summer. I know, my turn will come when I’m still buried in snow and ice, and can’t drive down (or up) the driveway next February. I didn’t miss the summer electric bill though.

Moffett and Kevin have been moving wood. We have wood from dad’s house moved over here – and wood from our house – moved closer to the house.

Kyle has a job!! Actually, right now, he has two jobs. The computer recycling place where he worked last year closed (ummm… last year). He survived on unemployment and other contributions… but finally has a job. He’s working at a furniture store and so far, seems to enjoy it. He’s also working at a Halloween store, so that job won’t last too much longer.

Chris has season’s tickets for the Chiefs and has invited Moffett to join him for the Dallas-Chiefs game this month. So he’s off to Kansas City on the 8th. He’ll be getting together with old bank friends and spending time with Chris and Kyle.

Dad’s house has not sold. Stupid economy. We’re not looking forward to another winter of keeping an eye on the plowing, the roof raking, the heat, the electricity. Oh well.

We’re ok. Looking forward to our short trip for the wedding next month in Massachusetts. Even better, friends may venture up here after the wedding for a short visit. Of course, that means I have to get this house put into some kind of order.

There was an article in the Globe recently about the abundance of acorns this year. I can totally agree with that as they’re crashing on the roof, the deck and make a terrible sound when they hit the glass table on the deck. Thankfully, the oak tree is over the living part of the house and not the bedroom.

Our view, the evening of September 5th.168

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  1. Alice says:

    Weather really is weird lately, isn’t it? I love your view; it’s a good bit like mine here. We did use the AC a bit this summer, but not much. Our bill was considerably lower than that of last year. And the snow this morning, while I knew it might come, really surprised me. It was supposed to snow at 6000 ft but we’re only about 5300. When we get back from the east we’ll have to get our snow tires mounted!

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