Where is Fall?

It’s cold here, darn cold. It snowed on Tuesday, nothing to get excited about but those were snowflakes hitting my windshield as I drove to work. Not good!

Moffett went to KC last week. He had a great time seeing old friends, going to the Chiefs’ game w/ Chris and spending time w/ Kyle.

We shoveled out the guest room today, sort of… Boxed up a lot of stuff and threw out a lot of stuff. Much of the stuff is dad’s from the nursing home. It’s boxed, I don’t have the impetus to sort through it just yet. We gave his clothing to the nursing home. They have medicaid patients who have nothing. Dad’s clothes that I’d purchased during the last four years were pretty nice. They came from a place that makes clothing for nursing home residents and/or those who need easier clothing to manipulate. His favorite was the velcro buttons on his shirts.

Moffett has the deck furniture all lined up at the steps to go down and be stored under the house. I have to move the plants off the hearth so we will be able to get a fire going in the woodstove.

We’re off to Massachusetts next weekend for a wedding and time w/ friends. Gail and Donnie are coming up here after the wedding (clean up the guestroom…). They’re also very kindly bringing up some Duke’s mayonnaise and Virginia Gentleman bourbon – both items are not available up here.

The tourists are for the most part, gone. We can turn left again! To see some of our October photos, go to: Smilebox.

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3 Responses to Where is Fall?

  1. jim barr says:

    Loved the pics,especially the sun low on the horizon shining against the colorful leaves.
    Moffett you seem to have a way of bringing out those late game Cowboy rallies–keep up the good work.
    Any chance we will see you anytime soon?

  2. Alice says:

    That first snow has to come sometime, Colleen. It does seem shockingly early though. I hadn’t even unpacked the fall clothing yet; guess I’ll go straight to the winter stuff instead. (We were wearing long johns under our jeans in Connecticut last week.)

    I think that’s a fine thing you did donating your dad’s clothes. I’d bet he’s smiling at it with approval. Your photographs on Smilebox are very nice, even the two good looking young men and the old guys too!

  3. Jo says:

    We just had the strongest October storm in decades, and I loved it! Definitely not a hot person, I am more than ready for those dreary, rainy days (and the occasional 2 weeks of snow) winter brings me here, and during which I snuggle in my house. However, the soccer game in mud was a mess.

    I still have half of Mom and Dad’s clothes (packed up in 55 gallon trash sacks in my bedroom (this is about 30 sacks). You seem to be doing just fine. I’ve divided up the desired objects, sold the high demand items and now live with the valuable but slow moving stuff. I am seriously considering dividing it into 5 piles and shipping four out.

    A slightly amusing episode of life in the country and cell phones: A neighbor used a ditch witch on the road to lay new pipe for his water system. Apparently, he cut our phone landline which is cleverly buried for asthetics. This was 5 weeks ago. We never noticed we didn’t have landline service. I believed that the “opt out” program had finally kicked in and the once-an-hour computer calls were over. True to the ways of the world, my 6 year old cell phone died last Thursday. Well, at least I know to get my landline repaired.

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