Weekend Photo Album

Weekend Photo Album

I’m taking this idea from a friend. On weekends I’ll try to post a couple of photos. Some will be new (it’s snowing! right now) and some will be old.

I’m enjoying the comments!! Just go to comments below this post and you can leave one. Your email is NOT published.

Turkeys in the yard this morning – there were a bunch!

The snow started this afternoon – you can barely see a few flakes.

By 6 this evening, plowable snow!

An oldie… Mom & Dad – 1970’s – probably Christmas Day

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11 Responses to Weekend Photo Album

  1. marty desmond says:

    What an awesome picture of Betty and John. Every time I start to get homesick and start to think I can move back home some kind soul, you this time, posts pics that have snow in them and I say……Oh yeah,there’s snow back home. Thanks, Col. Love you,Marty

  2. cathy says:

    Ha! Ha! We have snow too. Just about a few flurries before it stopped,but it was pretty coming down. Thank goodness it isn’t sticking – way too much work to do for Christmas!!

  3. Millie Steel says:

    All lI can say is — it’s about time! Had snow tires put on two weeks ago! We have been ready and waiting! Sandy rode young Zenne (horse) in it today and both dogs followed along. Fun, exciting today, but wait til March. Then it’s “that old white stuff begone!” Right?

  4. Hey sister.
    Actually, we had some snow here yesterday but it didn’t last long – only created some obnoxious icy patches on the sidewalk.
    So the wild turkeys make a lot of noise? If I recall, they are known for lots of loud sqawking.
    I went downtown to shop today and Macy’s was packed. Things took longer than expected so I stayed for the “Hollydazzle” Parade – an evening event featuring lighted floats, etc, with local celebs, cartoon characters, and lots of elves. It was fun.
    So now I’m home, dead tired, with a big pile of laundry to get started on and cards to address.
    I seem to be enjoying this Xmas season more than in recent years. Don’t know why, and I’m not really asking!
    Yikes, this just reminded me. I got a huge lighted star on sale at Target a few weeks ago. It’s been in my window for over a week and I have yet to remember to plug it in. …..senior monent?

  5. Becky says:

    Yeah, what a waste of a good snow on a weekend. We need to miss during school time. We got about 5 inches. Messy enough to keep us from traveling to Lynchburg. 😦

  6. Betsy says:

    We didn’t get any snow, so thanks for sharing. I don’t think it’s ever going to get cold in VA.
    Love the picture of your mom and dad. Isn’t that how you want to remember them both?! awww, the good ole days.

  7. Amy says:

    I want some!!! Never snow in the south of France!!
    Mom had over 6 inches yesterday in Staunton! Gil is there for the weekend and is worried about getting stuck at his mother-in-law’!!

  8. Jim barr says:

    I love snow. Especially when it is somewhere else—–Like the ski area.

  9. Gail Dobbs says:

    We had six inches of snow yesterday and it’s beautiful! We love it because we don’t get as much as you do. Donnie is bringing more wood to the porch so we can feed the stove. Nice and cozy in here.

  10. Mike says:

    Let it snow, Let it snow… I work in my studio at home!

  11. Sue says:

    I am so glad you send us snow pictures! Seems to be the only way we get to see it these last few years. It is finally gotten cold this week and we did see two flakes on Sat. but that was it. Keep them coming!

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