Plumbing Fun

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a quiet one with a delicious dinner, a few gifts and a few phone calls. Dick and Lorraine sent shirts, bourbon balls and ham. And yes, for those of you who have been here, there’s a new clock!

We fixed ham, herbed potatoes and yes, the green bean casserole.

The guys are in KC together, and as I write, they’re buying a new, used car for Kyle. He is still driving the Integra we bought Chris in high school and it’s not doing so great. Kyle is working and so, it’s time. They survived all the KC snow, even went to the movies on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, we’re having more fun with plumbing than anyone should have. On Christmas Eve morning, we noticed water in the basement utility room. Called our plumber (our plumber is a long story that I’ll write about some time, he’s a wonderful guy – he and his wife even came to dad’s funeral Mass). He came, worked on something – seemed to be fixed. Tonight, I reached under the kichen sink to retrieve the cutting board and… it was wet. We’ve shut off the hot water at the sink. The plumber will be here first thing Monday morning.

Christmas Morning

Moffett made biscuits this evening – following a recipe from Lorraine.

Finally, a foggy afternoon today and sunset this evening.


Happy New Year!

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8 Responses to Plumbing Fun

  1. Sue Cobbs says:

    love the scenery pictures and the biscuits look great, Moffett! Makes me hungry. Glad you had a good Christmas…we did as well.

  2. jim barr says:

    Nice presentation including the china—-looks like its time for another visit.
    Our best to our very good friends who we miss dearly.
    Jim and Suzanne

  3. Kate Besley says:

    Sounds like a greeting card holiday there. We had snow on the ground from Saturday’s storm so we had a white Christmas. All the boys and girls were with us this year! Wonderful time. My brothers came from No.Va. yesterday for another Christmas dinner. Brooks’s 60th on Thursday, and I will cook again for that. No more cooking after that until February! But I have had a wonderful holiday.

  4. Marion Guyot says:

    Yum. I need friends who’ll send Bourbon Balls! I love them. Maybe just the recipe and I’ll give it a go myself.
    We spent Christmas in Naples (Florida, not Italy) for a show over the weekend. Our final art show until the spring. We are leaving mid-January for a two month driving trip through the southern portion of the US on to the Pacific coast. Of course, we’ll see Meg and Robert in LV and Lynne, Chris and Thom in California.
    The best of the New Year! Love, Marion

  5. Gail Dobbs says:

    We had a quiet Christmas also with Becky and Josh. Donnie cooked a standing rib roast that was perfect and mashed potaoes and asparagus.
    We all needed a quiet time and it was wonderful. Hope your plumbing is resolved! Donnie and Gail

  6. Mike says:

    Everyone looks great, but the biscuits, wow!

  7. Mary-Ellen & Paul says:

    You all look great….. and bisquits well who can ant more…
    We had a great Holiday. Brian,Melissa, Billi, and Braden and Liz (the Saint…) with Joe. We had a great day.Then we saw Victoria, Brianna,Chris ,and Laurie and their new dog Sasha. It was a great day.Actually in my house for the week on Cape Cod until the journey to NJ
    when weather permits.
    Best to all
    Mary-Ellen & Paul

  8. Lynne says:

    I’ll take a couple of biscuits while sitting on the porch in those socks daydreaming as I watch the afternoon fog drift into that amazing sunset.

    Then bring on the bourbon balls and ice skating in the basement!

    From ces – Lynne, you are too funny!

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