One Year

Tomorrow it will be one year since dad left us (tried to write died but…).
Yeah, it sucks but as one Desmond said (I think it was Sean), he knows they’re all up there having a great happy hour and just chatting away. We miss them all, Gerald & Jean, Lil & John, Bill & Dottie, Mae & Dan, Helen, Peg. We still have Uncle Bill Traber!

Dad had to have surgery in June of 2008. On the day I drove him to the hospital, I had to tell him that his brother, Bill, had died. He wanted the details and then was quiet in the car. Then he calmly said, “I’m the last one.”

We were/are lucky, I think. Our families have kept in touch for the most part. Dad was always so thrilled when nieces and nephews sent cards and photos. He’d look at me closely and say, “You did this with your computer.”  He loved it when the staff at the nursing home would let him know that he had received the most mail on his birthday/Christmas. You guys were AWESOME when I asked for your support. When dad first became ill in 2005, Gerald sent a “Get Well” card and let me know it was the first one he’d bought and sent in many years. Some of you who live close by were able to visit dad, he loved the visits and enjoyed taping up the visit photos on the walls of his room.

That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow I plan to visit some of his friends at Golden View, the nursing home.

Mom & Dad – early 50’s – West Point

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14 Responses to One Year

  1. Sandy says:

    The Mass tomorrow at Ascension is for your Dad. I’ll be thinking of you. Sandy

    ces – I had forgotten that Sandy. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Meg says:

    That was a touching tribute, as you know I’ve (always loved) your Dad (and my Aunt Betty, Nana always said I sounded just like her) that always made me feel special. My thoughts are with you all, Love, Meg

  3. Mary-Ellen & Paul says:

    We continue to have Irish ESP my dear cuz. I am sitting here in NJ getting ready for another day and remembering the anniversary. I just opened my e-mail for today and there you were. I have many memories of visits with him in his later years. Once when he cooked dinner for me at the lake house
    while I was in NH on a business trip, the trip to Woodcliff Lakes NJ for his West Point reunion when we danced to “I’ll be seeing you” ,
    and the last few times at Golden View. Miss you dear Uncle.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all at his
    anniversary Mass.

  4. Meg says:

    Guess I should read things before I forward them, what I meant to say was I always loved your Dad, he has a special place in my heart for all the time he spent with me teaching me how to fish, I love fishing till this day. That was a gift he gave me and always remember it. Thank you for sharing him. Love, Meg

  5. Chuck says:

    If any of us are able to live a long life as did John, we will be fortunate to have someone care for us half as well as did you for him. CB

  6. Amy says:

    hey, What a handsome Dad you had. You know, for us, the younger is the thought of losing all of you..our parents that is so terrifying.
    Enjoy each and every day and all the family that you have…Since becoming a mother, I have yet to fathom my own impact on the lives of my children compared to the way I look toward my own parents.
    It is hard to believe we can each leave such an imprint.
    Take care and good health for 2010

  7. Mike says:

    To this day whenever I see a photo of Uncle John I can hear his laugh and his great singing voice. Of course one of the last things I remember him telling me when I got back from Vietnam, “You should consider reenlisting. It’s a good life.” Well I was an E-5, not a general so I won’t hold that against him!

  8. Sue Cobbs says:

    You had a mighty nice looking mom and dad…wish I had been around to meet them.

  9. Marion Guyot says:


    How lovely they both were … no matter what their ages. Aunt Betty and Uncle John were always so welcoming, even when I called and invited myself to visit. John was just as welcoming (as were you) when I invited myself to visit Golden View. I will always be happy I had the chance to see him and share his “Betty Book” stories.
    Love, Marion

  10. Sean Desmond says:

    One of lifes regrets, that I have, is that we were all so far apart! Desmonds and Trabers in Ca, your Desmond branch all over. but I did know the Jacksons quite well, and growing up spent a fair amount of time with the Shorts. I’ll always remember going to DC to visit you all (not y’all) over a Feb vacation in I believe,67(ish). I think Jack was a Boy Scout and there was a Beans and Franks dinner.( Since i’m now all of 50, memory is cloudy) BUT I remember getting a Chinese Checkers while there for my B-day and forgetting it when we left. I was bummed!!! I also remember you and me becoming pen pals after that, which meant soooo much to me!
    WOW,what a trip down memory lane! sorry for the long post.
    I am so very thankful for the “Honor” I was given at birth: being a Desmond.
    God Bless us all, though the years have gotten between us, my love of you all shant diminish!

  11. Sean Desmond says:

    P.S. I’d like my Chinese checkers!!!

  12. Gail Dobbs says:

    When Mother was “gone” one year, we took a cake to the nursing home in her memory. I know how you are feeling. Gail

  13. Nance says:

    Beautiful picture. I sometimes forget…and then something reminds me…that, as parents, we are as magical, as crucially important, to our kids as our own parents were to us. Now, that’s awe-inspiring, ain’t it?!

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