Up here on Lake W…

It snowed, again – supposed to be just a little – ended up with 7 inches. It was on Monday and we had nowhere to go, so we went nowhere. It snowed again on Tuesday, supposed to be just a few flurries. Well, it wasn’t.

The view from the treadmill – I have finally learned to use podcasts and put them on my baby iPod, the Nano. I am on the treadmill almost every morning for 20 minutes of walking (not running!). The treadmill is in the downstairs bedroom and faces the sliding doors looking out on the yard, the lake, the mountains. It’s nice but I need something to listen to. Many years ago, Moffett bought a whole set of “Oldies but Goodies” cd’s and I have them on the Nano. They’re great for striding along on the treadmill. As each new tune begins my mind wanders and the memories start. It’s fun. Being an Army Brat, I usually equate music with where I lived when I first heard a song. And so, there are good memories.

Back to the podcasts… Radio stations are few and far between up here in the woods. One program I miss is Garrison Keillor’s Sunday mornings on Lake Woebegon. (I’m spelling it incorrectly and will have to look it up – fixed it!) I always thought it was mildly amusing but living in a small NH town, it’s more amusing. You can’t get the whole program due to copyrights, etc… but there’s almost 20 minutes each week. So now, one morning each week I get to chuckle as I listen to Garrison chat about Minnesota and the weather. The rest of the week I bop along listening to the oldies.

Other exercise includes shoveling snow. And yes, I do help. Not often but sometimes… You know the old saying, “Heating with wood warms you twice, once when you cut it and once again when you burn it.” Most sites give that quote to Thoreau, others to Lincoln. Here, we give it to my dad. In any case, we shovel some of our snow several times. We have a plow guy for the driveway and Moffett will shovel out the part of the driveway under the deck (that the plow guy can’t get to) and move that to the plow part of the driveway. Then it’s time to shovel off the deck – umm… onto the driveway. Then – yes, there’s more – if there’s been a lot of snow, he rakes the roof, onto the deck and yup, back onto the driveway.  After finishing our house, he picks up Kevin and they go over to dad’s house (which is still for sale) and shovel the unplowable areas there in addition to the deck (and sometimes the roof).

Last year at this time, we’d had more snow and could barely turn around at the top of our drive. Not a big deal but – dad’s funeral was being held and people (cars!) were coming. We talked to the church’s plow guy and tried to hire him to come up here with his front loader to shove some of the snow down the hill. He came, he brought another man with him along with the front loader. They moved snow, they shoveled snow and then he wouldn’t bill us. He said it was his way of showing respect for dad’s army service. He had never met dad, just read the obit. Another reason to like living in a small town…

Some photos…

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7 Responses to Up here on Lake W…

  1. Julian Huffer says:

    Great to read your ‘meanderings’ – and thanks for sharing them. We’ve had very little snow this year (so far, anyway) but lots of cold. Have to say it’s nice to see pictures of it but glad we haven’t experienced it.

  2. marty desmond says:

    Absolutely beautiful pics,as usual,Colleen.

  3. jim barr says:

    I love reading your “thoughts”. I also love snow, especially when it is somewhere else.

  4. Meg says:

    May have to visit some winter, I miss it a lot. Hot, hot, and hotter is not weather its boring!!

  5. Chris says:

    The last pic is fab!!! Wow..how cool is that???

  6. Gail Dobbs says:

    Beautiful pictures! Actually, it’s been snowing here all day and we have about 8 inches on the ground. It so pretty and supposed to be sunny tomorrow and warmer. Donnie’s men’s group cooked brunswick stew outside in the snow this morning!

  7. Lynne says:

    Thanks for letting us in on your day – it was very peaceful (and I love the music!). The pics are wonderful. How I would love to see all of that outside my window!

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