The snow landed somewhere else

LOVED watching all the snow hoopla in Virginia! I talked to Gab last night and it’s supposed to snow again on Friday. I just laughed (sorry…, sort of…). Moffett’s cousin, Mary, sent photos/video of herself sitting in their kayak, in the snow. Gail wrote that Donnie and friends cooked up a batch of Brunswick Stew (I’m envious of the stew).

Four of my elementary school years were spent in Alexandria, VA and we loved snow days! Then we moved to England. No snow days then but – we did have one day that the school bus turned around and drove us home due to the fog. Next was Alabama and nope, no snow days there. After that it was Michigan. Lots of snow one day and we were sure that school would be closed. It wasn’t, we almost missed the bus. Back to Alexandria where the first snow saw my sister and I trudging off to the bus stop in the snow, only to have a neighbor yell out to us to go home as the schools were closed. In college (a women’s school back then) in Virginia, there were snow days but it only meant that we could wear pants. At that time, late 60’s, there was a dress code and no pants were allowed, unless it snowed. As a teacher (in Richmond, VA), I loved snow days. Plus, we’d end up with early dismissal days if it started snowing in the morning, after schools had opened. If the kids had lunch, it counted as a full day so the cafeteria would rev it up and they’d eat lunch at 10 and then get on the bus to go home. Yay, no makeup days for early dismissal!

And now, working at the church, there are days that the parish office doesn’t open because – I can’t get there.

I still love snow days!

The January photos are here: (and yes, it includes the turkey frying…)

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: January Photos

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5 Responses to The snow landed somewhere else

  1. Chris says:

    Got to wear pants…wow…that’s crazy!!! :O

    I loved snow-days in Flagstaff too. In high school it meant either sleeping in for a late morning or no school all together…yippee!

    During my 3 years at NAU (also in Flagstaff) the school only shut down one time for a major snow storm. After the storm was over, the parking lot at my dorm was absolutely level…you would have never known that there were cars underneath. Wish I had had a camera!

    Yay Snow!

  2. Crystal says:

    Ha ha! I am laughing at VA too. It’s ok. 😉

    Memories of snow, love them. Hope all is going well!

  3. Linda says:

    Kind of laughing at VA too remembering snow days in Richmond and everything coming to a standstill. Not quite as bad in South Jersey except for the grocery stores being completely out of milk, bread and eggs! Love the pictures!

  4. Wanda Gibble says:

    I well remember freezing my butt off. Dean Hurlburt never announced a snow day until 8:00am & I always had a class at 8:00 so I never got to wear pants freshman year. The rabble-rousing freshman class the next year got the rule changed after many protests and petitions. No jeans, just pants suits but anything helped!!!

  5. Gail Dobbs says:

    We still have lots of snow on the ground! We met Donald and family Monday in PA at Seven Springs and it snowed non-stop for three days!

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