The chef on the hill

Moffett does 99% of the cooking up here on our hill. Who’d have thought? When we married, his best cooking accomplishment was tuna hamburger helper. Ick… One time, BC, (before children) I was sick and in bed. He made dinner. He combined hamburger, canned potatoes (?!), onions, and then melted cheese on top of this catastrophe. He then brought it to my sickbed. I was sicker just looking at it.

We read a cute article in the WSJ this week that had us both giggling – When the Kitchen Knives Come Out. It included a list of suggestions for marital kitchen harmony:

Kitchen Helpers

The recipe for achieving martrimonial harmony in the kitchen is really rather short:

  • Take a measure of respect. (The person who is cooking deserves control of the kitchen.)
  • Add an equal amount of restraint. (If someone takes the time to cook for you, shut up and eat without criticizing.)
  • Throw in a handful of consideration. (If you weren’t the one to cook, then you should be the one who cleans.)
  • Consider optional ingredients: (Wine and cheese can go a long way toward getting you through the preparation stage.)
  • And, like any other kitchen experiment, if the results fail, make dinner reservations.

He has improved, a lot! Even better, he does his own clean up! Dinner last night was delicious and it was his second new recipe in just a week. Earlier this week he did a pot roast. Last night’s menu was Potato & Leek Soup and it was delicious.

It snowed! And it’s snowing this morning! We’re not in as bad shape as some of New England. We did lose electricity Thursday night for about 3 hours, just enough to cut off the final skaters in the Olympics. The lights continued to flicker yesterday. I hate resetting the clocks and the stupid answering machine but I’m grateful we no longer have a VCR. I was one of those who used to cover the clock with a piece of tape so I could ignore the blinking time.

Snow photos taken this morning –

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6 Responses to The chef on the hill

  1. talesofmy30s says:

    What gorgeous landscape for snow.

  2. Sandy says:

    I HATE snow – give me the sunshine & warmth. It does look pretty though.

  3. H C says:

    It is beautiful! What a surprise to wake up to.

    The roads in Meredith are not good!


  4. Julian Huffer says:

    We’re getting some of the stuff as it passes over us on its way to you! Not too bad though – and not as much in the city as in the burbs. Glad to see you’re eating well – congrats, Moffett!!

  5. Gail Dobbs says:

    We still have snow on the ground. Becky and Josh are in Hawaii!

  6. Maret Traber says:

    Katrina came to visit from Boston…it rained for a few days, but then we had a sunny weekend in Oregon in February! Highs in the 60s, flowers are showing up! Altogether a good effort to pry K & Seth to move west, probably not good enough, but, what is a mother to do!

    Meanwhile, Biff told me not to tell about his infamous “hamagetti” and yes, its what it sounds like only tomato soup instead of sauce was really what made it memorably bad!

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