Spring? Maybe? Soon?

First of all, Sandy in Overland Park sent the photo above. Please copy and pass it along if you like. Sandy and I worked together at Church of the Ascension in Overland Park. She’s crazy wonderful and one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with. If you have a prayer list, please add her to it. She would appreciate it and so would I!

Next, still talking about breast cancer, if you haven’t seen the video below, please take three+ minutes to watch.


The snow is melting, we can see the ground. So now begins my annual search for the emerging daffodils. Years ago in Richmond, Moffett’s Aunt Felicia and I would compete to see whose daffodils bloomed first. She always won and it was fun. When we moved here in 1998, I received a big box from Felicia that fall – full of daffodil bulbs! I planted them and they bloom each year and remind us of a favorite aunt. Her daughter, Mary, wrote this week that her daffodils are about ready to bloom – damn, I can’t even see anything coming through the ground – yet. Oh well.

Lots of political “stuff” going on in our small town this month. Between the school issues (no money) and the town issues (ummm, no money), it’s interesting. The “Town Meeting” is next week. Moffett is a “ballot clerk” for the town – which means he’s the guy who holds the curtain when people enter the booth. He also helps people who are not able to vote in a booth and that’s pretty cool. He enjoys it, comes home with all sorts of news, and the town feeds him lunch and dinner, sometimes from Hart’s Turkey Farm Restaurant. He even wears a tie (a NH tie)! It’s not exactly like Bob Newhart’s town meetings and there’s no Larry, Darryl and Darryl but… He’s even paid to do the curtain thing – not much – remember??  – no money.

We recorded the Olympics. Watched what we wanted and fast forwarded through the rest. My favorite is always the women’s figure skating. Well, we lost power (for three hours) and so, I didn’t get to see it. Oh well. Unlike many in NH though, we didn’t lose our power for days and days. Good thing! We have a portable generator. We’ve never used it. Knock on wood, we’ve never lost our electricity for more than just a couple of hours. At one time I talked about getting a whole house generator. A parishioner who works for the electric company and lives close to us told me not to – and said, “Colleen, just how long do you think I’ll let the power stay off in MY house!”

Dad’s house has actually been “shown” two times recently. Cross your fingers that it sells. This keeping up with two houses is not easy.

That’s all from us this week! Happy Spring – soon!!


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5 Responses to Spring? Maybe? Soon?

  1. Carole & Russ Raymoure says:

    We love your meanderings. Thanks for posting the video. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Cancer Foundation and The American Cancer Society suddenly found themselves without a job? One can hope.

    My Dad and step sister always competed with Crocuses. I’m smiling right now. Thanks.

  2. Julian Huffer says:

    No daffodils in Toronto yet – but no snow either.

  3. Meredith and John says:

    John and I are going to be in your neighborhood the first week in May. Just in time for May flies! May we join you for dinner?

  4. Crystal says:

    Daffodils…nice. My sister, my Mom and I would compete with crocuses. No such luck now as I live in an apartment. One day…

    Love that picture of the little girl, fantastic video too.

    Happy almost, it could happen anytime, Spring! 🙂

  5. Millie Steel says:

    Good news about Dad’s house! Good luck!

    Our yard and pasture is still covered with a couple of inches of snow so looking out there, it is hard to imagine spring, but the calendar says spring begins the 20th of this month. You think?

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