A Few Oldies

I’m still scanning dad’s slides. It’s going to take awhile as there’s a whole bunch. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which ones to scan and which ones to skip. At the same time, I hesitate to skip any as we four kids have each carousel of slides practically memorized (Oh boy, let’s go look at slides in the basement…). As I think I’ve mentioned before, when dad switched all of his slides to the Kodak carousels, he decided… that looking at photos of the same place for more than a few pictures was boring. So he mixed them up to make his slide shows more interesting. A favorite selection of slides is a hotel fire in Missouri. He was driving through on his way to or from a fishing trip and took many photos of the burning hotel. Damn photos show up everywhere! Photos of beautiful Japanese gardens and then – burning hotel. Cute photos of wife and daughters (no boys, yet) and then – burning hotel. So, for your viewing pleasure, because I’d hate to deprive you of the fun, the burning hotel…

I haven’t finished the carousel I’m working on but here’s a few more – mostly 1953 or so.

Colleen – Meg



Still no daffodils to be seen…
No snow in the immediate forecast…
I turn 60 next month – OMG…!!!
We might go to Kansas City next month… (Sandy, b’days together?!)

That’s all for this week.

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11 Responses to A Few Oldies

  1. H C says:

    God is good. And memories are great!

    See you at the funeral tomorrow.

  2. talesofmy30s says:

    The photos are great – thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Julian Huffer says:

    Be thankful you can’t catch up with me!! lol

  4. Mary-Ellen & Paul says:

    Love the photos…what a great picture of
    Aunt Betty…as usual she looks like a movie star..

    60? You’re just a baby! I just turned 62…
    What is the date? Dad turns 89 on the 25th…


  5. James D. Barr says:

    I always liked fire. (but I have never been to Mo. with matches) Great looking family.

  6. Peg Sierakowski says:

    Colleen, I’d forgotten how beautiful your mom was. And can you imagine how your dad can look so pressed and clean…living in that tent behind him..I have a couple of dad in front of those tents….he said the mosquitoes at night were deadly….
    Love, Peg

  7. Meg says:

    always love to look at the photos and your Mom and Dad look like I’ll always remember them, your Dad was the reason I fell in love with uniforms and the men in them!!!! I remember once Nana saying I sounded just like Aunt Betty on the phone and I was on cloud nine for months, think I was about 10!

  8. Gail Dobbs says:

    Great pictures! 60? You are catching up with the rest of us!

  9. CuzJerry says:

    I won’t be 60 til Sept never did catch up, (ketchup)? Still dizzy as ever though.

  10. Lynne says:

    I got a good laugh at your cooking “meandering!” You have a wonderful knack for combining the story, the point, humility and humor for your own writing recipe. The photos? What’s to say… except that they always leave us wanting more.

  11. sharon says:

    Hi Colleen….

    my buttie….would be nice to see you when you are in KC….Sandy sent a note & maybe lunch…the family pictures are beautiful…

    Sharon Gearin

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