It’s a sunny morning up here on our hill in NH. I can’t see any snow at all from my window here at the computer, although there’s snow on the mountain across the lake from us.

The squirrels and chipmunks have emerged from their winter homes and are dashing around and up and down. When we had bird feeders we’d see them all year round but, since removing the feeders, not so much.  When we first moved here we set up several feeders, bought bird books so we could identify the visitors, and had bags and bags of bird seed stored in two metal trash cans on the deck.

One early morning I stood at the window admiring our view when I saw that the wooden bird feeder was broken. Hmmm, then I noticed that the other bird feeders were not hanging from the deck. Oh-oh. A bear had been on our deck during the night – broken the one – and took two. We found one below the deck. The other one was way farther away, down the hill, near our neighbors’ driveway, crushed and empty. And so ended our bird feeding.

We’re going to Kansas City next month! One of us (ahem, that would be me…) turns 60 in April. I’m not sure how that happened… but anyway. The boys were trying to figure out a trip here to help celebrate when Chris suggested we go there. Kyle lives in Olathe, Chris is in Fayetteville, AR. I have only been back once since we moved here to NH so – it’ll be fun. We’ll also drive down to Fayetteville (never been there) to spend some time with Chris at his place.

And finally, as I’m sure some of you would be seriously disappointed if I didn’t post the photo below. The daffodils are here! They’re not very big yet but I have faith!

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9 Responses to Spring!

  1. Chris says:

    Squirrels & Birds & BEARS…Oh My! I know several folks in my bird watching group take all their feeders down each night & put them back up at the crack of dawn…that’s serious dedication to birding!

    Congrats on your daffodils! Happy Spring!

  2. Julian Huffer says:

    We’ve had wonderful “spring” days (19C) all week – until today. Temp dropped to 3C overnight with a few snow flakes – Dad used to call it “robin snow” – well, nothing on the ground – yet. Soooo, hate to warn you but this cold front may be heading your way. Hope not! Have a great trip southwest – a happy birthday and say hi to the guys!

  3. Betsy says:

    Finally spring is here!! And what do we do…head to CO next week. It’s still snowing there. Oh well, it’ll be worth it to see Anne and Eringiri. When I get back home I’m packing up my coat and gloves though.
    60 huh? I’m glad I’m younger than the rest of you guys 🙂

  4. Meg says:

    Love all the flowers, sorry you stopped feeding the birds, but uumm, birds, bears, its a toss up!!! Chris would have all her camera’s on some sort of action button to get pictures of the birds and bears!!! It all sounds like fun to me.

  5. H C says:

    NH is fun, especially after a week like this one!

    Protect those buds for the next week.

  6. Kyle says:

    Nice. It’s sunny and beautiful in NH and here in KS where it was 66 degrees yesterday for a bit and then it decided to drop 30 something degrees and dump some freezing rain on us and about 7 inches of snow. And the Jayhawks lost to Northern Iowa. This sucks.

    Love ya

  7. Becky says:

    It has been lovely here. We hit 70 degrees a couple days. Flowers are peeking up, forsythia is starting to turn yellow and tree buds are showing. We have tons of birds, foxes and coyotes in the yard. No bear though! Ron has hit the 60 mark and we’ve begun Yoga! Go figure.

  8. James D. Barr says:

    Gee and I just worried about squirrels in the bird feeders.

  9. Mike says:

    60! I don’t remember anything about 60 except the party at The Great Lakes Brewing Company!
    Happy Birthday.

    I love your site.

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