Sweating with the weeds…

OMG, today was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day! And I loved it!! Raked up leaves and acorns – the acorns are NOT easy to pick up. Pulled a bunch of weeds. Moved some iris that has been taken over by shrubs. Please, no more snow!

Moffett’s watching basketball and yelling at the TV. Our friends, Jim & Suzanne, Butler grads, are at the game (in nosebleed seats), but we haven’t seen them on the screen yet. Other friends, Russ & Carole, are Michigan State fans. Butler won – wow…

We’re off to Kansas City this week. I’ve only been back once since we moved here to NH. Moffett’s been there a couple of times but, not me. Our move to KC, way back in 1988 was interesting. All I could say was, “Kansas? We’re going to move to Kansas?” The job offer had been made and we went to lunch on a rainy Memorial Day in Richmond to discuss and decide. The kids were in school – a snow make-up day. We talked and ate and talked. Still hadn’t made a final decision but… Got in the car to drive home and… turned on the radio. And this is what came on! I almost drove off the road!

And so, we moved to Kansas City. Actually, we ended up in Overland Park, KS, which I termed “Beaver Cleaver Land of the 90’s.” Ended up in a great neighborhood and the kids went to great schools. Moffett was there for a couple of months before the boys and I got there. Trying to explain Overland Park to people was difficult until one of the high schools hit the national news with a report about BVN’s senior class wanting to purchase a condom machine for the school as the “senior gift.” Then all I had to say was, “Did you hear about the high school and the condom machine? That’s where we’re moving.” No, the school did not get the condoms. Chris was there for his freshman year and then a new high school was opened that he and Kyle both attended.

So, we get to see Kyle & Chris, along with good friends and enjoy being in suburbia (malls!!!) for a few days. We’ll also go to Fayetteville, Arkansas to visit Chris’s place and see what there is to see in Arkansas. I’m still somewhat befuddled as to how I ended up with kids living in Kansas and Arkansas. Oh well.

Happy Easter!

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8 Responses to Sweating with the weeds…

  1. Meredith says:

    Yes, the Beatles were prophets. This is proof!

  2. Becky says:

    Glad things are loverly in your world. It is wonderful here too. Kelly, Shelli and Ryan are here painting and doing yard work! 🙂 Will and Alisabeth arrive tomorrow. Becca of course is in WA and Mary Ann and kids cant make it. I do have the eggs deviled, potato salad made and turkey breast cooked! Easter should be a fine day.

  3. Julian Huffer says:

    Careful on the driving – have a super good time and say hello to the guys from us.

  4. Jerry says:

    Cuz, don’t know why Dorothy and Toto were so intent on going back to Kansas but …… Yeah spring has sprung and allergies are drivin’me nuts, as far as the acorns go, I don’t think even at the dawn of the 21st century that any genius has figured out a way of geting those damn things of the ground without ensuring a bunch of lower back pain. Moffett has the right idea, stay out of your way and watch ANYTHING sports oriented ! Curling anyone ?

  5. Marion Guyot says:

    Have wonderful Easter … and a Happy Birthday! I promise 60 is not bad, it’s just the thought of it that’s bad.


  6. Meg says:

    Ok so I’m old enough to remember when you were born and visiting Aunt Betty and Uncle John at West Point!!! So no “60” is not that bad, if I remember correctly!! Have a great trip and be safe.

  7. Gail Dobbs says:

    Have a wonderful visit. Happy Birthday! Hello to Chris and Kyle. Donnie’s Mother is here for ten days. Have fun, Gail and Donnie

  8. Jo says:

    OK … so we had snow here in sunny California. Although I’m at 2,000 feet (California is NOT flat), snow at Easter. As reported on FB, my cherry trees did not fare well in full bloom with several inches of snow. I do not pretend to the snow throne of NH, but when your son has to stop 1/2 mile short of your home on Easter to make sure the guy that went over the side of the road is ok, because the roads do not get plowed here (it doesn’t snow in CA, remember), and although he locks up the 4WD he still sliding all over the place and in a rare fit of responsiblity, decides maybe he should go home at night … well you get the picture (and this was an excellent run-on sentence). Have fun doing the Dorothy, be safe. Someday you should decide that seeing the oldest living things on Earth would be great and come visit.

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