It’s not snowing right now…

It snowed yesterday. There were a few flakes flying around today. And it was snowing the day we returned from Kansas. Jeez!

We had a fabulous (and warm) week in Kansas and Arkansas with Chris and Kyle helping us celebrate my 60th birthday. If I’d been asked 30 years ago, “Where will you be when you’re 60?” the answer would not have been Kansas. We lived there from ’88 to ’98 and it was a great place to live. Who’d have thunk? (I also lived there in 1955/56 – went to Kindergarten at Ft. Leavenworth.)

First night in Kansas – Oh my God, the speed limit is 70! And it’s 5 o’clock on I-435 and we haven’t seen that many cars in years! Dinner with friends, drinks on their deck. I feel sorta guilty about the deck thing. I wrote Martha that I was REALLY looking forward to sitting on their deck with drinks. Turns out they were getting ready to stain the deck but Greg (what a nice guy) got the furniture onto the deck just so I could sit there with my drink. Wow… We looked at wedding photos (their sons) and baby photos (cute grand-daughter). It was awesome. I haven’t been back in years but you wouldn’t have known. Sitting around chatting with good friends including neighbors, Matt & Jackie, it was like we just walked over from our back yard. Kyle showed up after work in time for leftovers and left happy and fed.

THE birthday was celebrated at Houston’s Restaurant with all four of us. It was nifty!

I’m not going to do a day by day rehash of the trip (Go look at the pictures!) but – I am going to say that our friends are great friends and it’s wonderful to have friends like that! We spent time with many friends. We ate far too much. And it was all very cool. The ice cream cupcakes with Katie and Jim were deeeelicious (Go look at the pictures!). Lunch at Nordstom’s with Ascension Church friends was fabulous. Only problem – I had planned to hit the mall (we don’t have one) and shop, shop, shop. Didn’t happen. The rental car’s engine light went on so – back to the hotel – called Hertz – had to drive to a Hertz place – and got another car. PITA!

Chris lives in Fayetteville – works for Clorox out there in Wal-Mart land. So off to Fayetteville we went. What a beautiful city and full of Razorbacks, everywhere you go. He lives right downtown in a gorgeous condo (Go look at the pictures!) – clean (hmmm, mom’s visiting?). We stayed at an inn on campus and it was fun to watch everyone going to classes. We could walk to Chris’ place and we walked to the restaurant. Two more great days with both sons!

If you haven’t seen the photos – go here! If you have no interest in the photos, fine…

We have company coming this week!! And, I’m so excited (well, except for the cleaning the house part of company…). Meredith Guyot and her husband, John Pavao, will be here on Tuesday. I haven’t seen them since Mom’s funeral back in 1988. She’s one of the daughters of Maggie, mom’s sister. We’ll drag out some of dad’s photo albums and it’ll be fun. All three Guyot girls have been here. I love having cousins!

And you know, there will be pictures!

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7 Responses to It’s not snowing right now…

  1. Meredith and John says:

    OMG!! We made the blog. We are honored and thrilled to look at photo albums. We are Daltons and our husbands just have to get used to us and our pictures!

  2. Jo says:

    Ok, so I live in California, and it flaked last night, and we expect more today. I actually found (wasn’t looking for it) a website that alleges the government is exerting limited weather control technology to make this winter last and turn public opinion re: global warming. What I found scary isn’t alleging the government has scifi technology, but the belief that one long, cold winter could change opinions.

    Also, viewed your photos, you have great friends and I am envious. My life had so many turns and forks that there were very few long, term friendships (probably a great deal like being an army brat). There is meloncholy for those I wish I had been smart enough to hold on to, and your great photos reinforce that.

    Enjoy your guests. Someday I hope to read that you are looking forward to our arrival (but I insist that you do not clean, as I wouldn’t).

  3. Russ says:

    Hey, are there pictures with this? Great job Colleen. ;->

  4. Julian says:

    Kindergarden?? Leavenworth?? the prison?? OMG! Can’t believe you were that bad so young!! LOL

  5. Crystal says:

    So glad the trip was wonderful. 🙂

    Hooray for company!

  6. Meg says:

    Have fun with MJ and John, wish we could join you.

  7. h cutting says:


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