Almost summer!

We’ve been busy the last two weekends cleaning up dad’s house (and there’s lots more to do). Not a simple job as it’s been empty since August. It’s still on the market and I’m ready to plant St. Joseph in the yard to see if that will help it sell this year. It’s rented, but only for three weeks as the renters have to sign an agreement stating that 1) the house may be shown during their vacation and 2) if sold, they may end up renting a different house. I don’t think I’d rent it with those conditions. We’d all love to keep the house on the lake but, it’s too expensive and a whole lot of work to maintain two houses through the NH winters. Here’s the sale listing. And here’s the rental listing. Regrettably, it’s probably going to get knocked down and the buyer will build a new, fancier home. Oh well.

Some photos…
the house, the dock,
vinca planted by dad many years ago, a pink ladyslipper


We had a fantastic, memorable visit with my cousin, Meredith, and her husband, John. We looked at old photos. I learned more family stories. We ate too much and it was just so much fun. And yes, Maggie and Gene are now “at the lake.”

We’ve had two hot days and then woke up to 50 degrees this morning. It’s delightful.

My new computer will be here this afternoon! It’s exciting and daunting. Moving files and all the photos will take time. The present computer is just about full even with moving some photos to two backup drives. I ordered the computer from the company that put together our office system last summer, and since the owner is coming this way for the holiday weekend, he’s going to drop it off this afternoon on his way north. Reinstalling other “stuff” (Quicken, Picasa, etc…) will be not so much fun but – gotta do it.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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