July, are you sure?

It’s afternoon and around 63 degrees – tonight’s forecast low… 47. Feels like fall but, it’s July 1st. Amazing. This past Monday we turned on the AC for the first time. By Tuesday, it was off. Can’t complain though as we never turned on the AC all last summer. We’ll make up for our enjoyment of summer’s cool weather during the winter, I’m sure. And it’s supposed to be 90 by Sunday.

Dad’s house is still for sale. It had a few showings in June but so far, no buyer. It’s rented for two weeks this month and another week in August. Between getting it cleaned up for renters and the showings, we’ve been over there each weekend working. Back when people had money, most homes on Squam sold within a week so this has not been fun.

Moffett and I are now a “Bionic Couple.” I’ve been using my Animas Ping Insulin Pump since December.  As of Saturday, Moffett will be the well rested (hopefully!) user of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. He was supposed to do the testing over a year ago but dad died about that time and he never got around to it. Two weeks ago he went to the sleep center and was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. Last week he went back for another night but with a CPAP. He called that morning as he was leaving and was jubilant at how much better he felt. On the first night, a tech came in and woke him up to turn over. He asked the next morning why… They told him he was snoring loudly. So he then asked, “Well, did it help to turn over?” Answer, uhhh, no. (I could have told them that…) This week has been a not so great time dealing with insurance. Many hours spent on the phone speaking with very nice people (some of them in Overland Park, KS, where we used to live) but – Between the home healthcare company, the billing company and the insurance company, I’ve spent hours listening to unpleasant music and many, many, many assurances that my call is important so please wait. Thank God for speakerphones.  As of this afternoon, all the paperwork is in all the right places (yeah!) and the respiratory therapist will be here tomorrow afternoon with the machine, the mask and all the other stuff.

We’ve had some hungry baby birds sitting on our deck rails as mom and dad have fed them. (We’re not sitting there as it’s too cold.) It was fascinating to watch them. The picture I took as the mom/dad bird was feeding them is not good but, you get the idea. And the baby bird on the left was fed the most often, until the one on the far right moved them out of his way and took over the left spot. Yup, real excitement up here in the woods!

Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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9 Responses to July, are you sure?

  1. Crystal says:

    Oooo! Love it. The Bionic Couple. 🙂

    Glad he went to do the study. SO glad the CPAP is helping! Oh insurance…..good to hear the therapist is coming though. Sleep is so important.

    Happy 4th to you both!

  2. h cutting says:


  3. Rose Marie says:

    What a great lunch we had…

    Hey how about those birds…so blue!!! Are they baby Jays…? I am not aware that we have Blue birds around here.

    Back at cha with Happy 4th

  4. jerry says:

    Cuz, Marty had one of those CPAP type devices and so far as I know it helped immensely. Right now I’m at the La Quinta Inn in St. Pete trying to learn how to use this tiny notebook thing, it’s pretty cool but very small and tough to use with my stubby little fingers. Fun though. Glucometer is sitting on the bed so I can use it at night for a change. Early dental appt. at VA so they pay for motel if appt. is before 9:59 AM. Saves leaving Lake Placid at 5:30 AM to get here on time. Had 5 teeth out x 2 wks, hoping to get molded for partial in AM. Have a great and safe Holiday wknd. LOL to all Jerry

  5. Julian says:

    Canada Day here – July 4 there (almost)
    Her Majesty and Prince Philip here to kick things off!

    Happy 4th from us to you both!

  6. Kay Berg says:

    Just so you both feel better it is worth it to be the Bionic Couple!! Hope the cabin sells this summer so you can be out from under all the work it entails. Pain Management Doc gave me an epidural a week ago today, it really helped to relieve the horrid pain have been dealing with for years and was getting worse, I feel so blessed that this is available, though I thought only ladies who are ready for baby delivery got them. I love standing on your deck and enjoying the view!! Take good care we love you. Kay and Ernie

  7. Ron Gheen says:

    Welcome to the CPAP club. It has been of great value to me. Becky also likes it because there is no snoring!!!

  8. Meg says:

    Hi, my best friends husband here in LV has one of those breathing machines, his test showed he had accute sleep apnea, fell into apnea about 10 times an hour. Thank heavens for modern medicine. She said it took her awhile to get used the noise it makes but it keeps John breathing so its a go to thing!! Hope all works out well, best to you both for a happy fourth, 43 years ago I was giving birth to Christine so I was pretty busy on that 4th!!!

  9. Alice says:

    When I first stopped by and saw this, especially the birds, I was rudely taken away by some demand or other and didn’t have time to write anything. I just love watching the birds talk to one another in the yard. Mama and Papa Gambel Quail are so good with their children. Yesterday they even managed a big flock of “teenagers” when they were running from my neighbor’s yard (he was checking his garden) into the safety of ours (I was lying on the porch swing with a book). They say the same thing over and over; I swear it sounds like they’re talking, and those kids really toe to the line! Wish I’d known their secret when I was raising teenagers!

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