It was hot, very hot, in Virginia

We live in New Hampshire where it’s supposed to be somewhat cooler. It hasn’t been somewhat cooler. The AC was on and thank goodness, is off now! (just can’t wait for the electric bill?)

Before leaving, Moffett took the cover off the gas grill that’s been unused since last summer. Moffett likes charcoal better. Obviously, some mice liked the gas grill best!

Dad’s house has a two-week rental right now, which means we didn’t have to check the house on Saturday. We were also out of Duke’s Mayonnaise and Virginia Gentleman Bourbon. So – we traveled to Virginia, where it was a heck of a lot hotter – and humider (I know, it’s not a word but it sounds more humid).

Had a great time. Visited Moffett’s cousin, Dick and his wife, Lorraine. Daughter, Diane, is living with them right now so we got to see her, too.

Stopped at Moffett’s ham store so we could bring back that salty ham that friends here really, really like. (I don’t like it.) Spent some time with Moffett’s Aunt Louisa who’s looking pretty good for a lady in her late 80’s. Took her to the grocery store, Wal-Mart and Best Buy. At times the car thermometer was showing 107 degrees. (Ick)

Drove out to Fulks Run to check out the Turner Ham Store. Those are sugar-cured hams. I’m sure I’ll like that.

Behind the store is a croquet field, meticulously groomed and quite pretty.

And stopped at the Dayton Farmers Market. I think I gained weight just looking at all the baked goods. We found a tomato knife – tried it out tonight and it’s nice.

We had a delicious lunch at Mrs. Rowe’s in Staunton. Moffett was in his glory with a plate of bowls of baked tomatoes, onions & cucumbers, turnip greens and baked apples. (And no, Mike Guyot – I didn’t take a photo.)

On our last day we stopped at the cemetery where’s Moffett’s mom is buried, had a delightful lunch with Louisa and then started back north.

Arrived home and got the car unpacked before the thunder and rain started.

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3 Responses to It was hot, very hot, in Virginia

  1. Colleen says:

    OMG! You were so close to me! I live in Charlottesville! Next time you come down we should meet up. Although our name might confuse people ;o)

  2. Maret says:

    Colleen, I’m so glad we went north…got to wear my snow jacket on Athabasca glacier! Also, yesterday it drizzled on us…were so cold with three layers (wick-away clothes) that we had to come down from above the tree line at Maligne Lake! Today though it will be 26 C, so we can wear shorts for the first time on the trip! Thought you would enjoy the contrast. Maret

  3. Debbie says:

    Colleen , you were at my back door I live maybe one mile down Rt.11 south . Hope next time you will gave me a call. Hope all are well.

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