Vacation Renters

Today is/was what summer in New Hampshire is supposed to be. Sunny, pleasantly warm, simply delightful.

Would have been nicer if we hadn’t spent as much time as we did at the lake house cleaning up what the renters did not clean up. They must not have read the last page of their rental agreement where it tells them that the house is supposed to be left about the way they found it. They didn’t trash the place (that’s only happened once and that renter lost their $500 deposit), they just didn’t clean it. So we spent our afternoon vacuuming, dusting and such fun, cleaning toilets (thankfully, there are only two). The first rental years we hired a cleaning person who would come in after the renters to check the house and straighten up. She was paid $50 and basically pushed a broom around the kitchen and maybe rinsed a few sinks. Maximum time spent, less than 30 minutes. My frugal self (I take after my father), said this is stupid. We go over to check the house anyway so we’ll do it. Two more rental weeks scheduled and we’re done, so hopefully it won’t be so bad. The first renters were awesome! (They had a dog named Ponder – named after the movie – On Golden Pond) Oh, and the people who left today – took every bit of ice from the freezer. Just what did they think the next renters were going to use? Jeez!

Why are we renting it??? The property taxes are almost $16,000/year. It hasn’t sold yet. So, we rent…

Moffett and the CPAP have a great relationship. It really is working for him and we’re both pretty amazed. He’s sleeping better, feels better. I’m sleeping better! The machine really doesn’t make much noise. I thought it would be terrible but it’s definitely much quieter than the former snoring.

Moffett’s on a cooking spree with some new recipes.
This week he made Gazpacho and Pork Adobo.
They were both delicious and we have leftovers to enjoy this weekend! He also made pork barbeque and even better, we still have some Sauer’s Barbeque Sauce.
For our Richmond friends, just as good as Bill’s!

The turkeys are still hanging out in the yard. No bears spotted this summer, at least in our yard. There was a news report of a bear that entered a house in a nearby town. Hung out for awhile and then left, taking a child’s teddy bear with him/her. I miss the birds though. We took down our feeders after a bear had been on our second story deck (while we were sleeping) . Broke one feeder and took two. We also haven’t seen the porcupine this summer. Last summer we’d see him lumbering through the yard anytime Moffett was grilling. We’d sit on the deck and watch but I couldn’t find out whether porcupines can climb steps or not (just wasn’t on Google), so we’d go back in the house.

The tourists are here! I don’t curse them too much. After all, I used to be one of them. Making a left turn is near impossible starting on Thursday afternoon through Sunday evening. We’ve become very adept at getting to the store, the dump, etc… with right turns only. It’s fun but… gets old after awhile.

One more month of summer! In August, Moffett will finally catch up w/ me agewise (yes!) and we’ll celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary. Wowee!

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3 Responses to Vacation Renters

  1. Rose Marie says:

    Oh I remember renters…the more exotic ones we had left bullets and prozak behind in the bureau drawer. That was back in the mid 80’s when prozak was a celebrity drug… sure gave me cause to pause.

    We went to Kanasakas Lake yesterday “cruising chicks.” Loon babies that is. Lucky to see them out fishing and learning to dive with their parents. We were drifting in a canoe about 20 feet away. Neat experience. They were born 3 weeks ago and are about 8″ long already…all brown fluff.

    Today we worked the PM shift at the Show House. Sold Boutique items…mostly to the volunteers.

    Wish this vehicle had spell check…

    Best of the weekend to you…

  2. james d barr says:

    I guess you will not be renting to those folks next year unless they bring their own ice????

    We love you both when will we see you next?

  3. Alice says:

    About the travails of renting, Colleen, just think about the book you can write about the nature of people using other peoples’ things…why some take such care and others don’t. Oh the folly of human nature! I’m so conscious of leaving things as good as when I got there, because I’d be embarrassed having people think I was a slob. At home, on the other hand, I sometimes am one.

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