At the lake

Rob (my cousin) & Kim were here for the weekend and as the last renters had left, we trucked ourselves over to dad’s house on the lake. It was delightful. Weather was perfect, not too hot but sunny! Even nicer, the renters left the house in perfect shape. So no extra cleaning to do! The house is still being shown for sale, so it has to be relatively clean, just in case.

Flowers from Moulton's Farm


Kevin, our own personal chef

Rob & Moffett

Maureen (Kevin's friend) & Kim

The Guys - Kevin, Moffett, Rob

The Gals - Maureen, Colleen, Kim


The crossword puzzlers - Moffett, Rob, Kim


Kim & Rob

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2 Responses to At the lake

  1. Meg says:

    Looks like fun was had by all, wish we could have joined you, we’re still in the 100’s, 106 today, supposed to be 110 tomorrow!!! EEKKK get me to the lake!!!

  2. Joy says:

    What a great place to get together…it’s beautiful…and looks so peaceful. It reminds me of being at my brother’s cottage in Wisconsin on Lake Gilbert….I’ve always loved that. Looks like you all had a really nice time. ~Joy

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