The cousins!

I love keeping in touch with cousins. My Dalton cousins, my Desmond cousins, even Moffett’s cousins!

I’m still scanning slides, and even some photos.

Today I found some old photos that one of Moffett’s cousins had given us. I scanned them and sent them off for more information from the cousins. I’ve only heard from one, Mary, but I’m hoping we might find out more about the photos.

This is about 4×4 and on the back is written:

Ruth is Moffett’s grandfather’s sister, as was Rose. Having photos like this is wonderful!

So, my new endeavor is to start writing information on photos (the old ones on paper). I know what they are. My kids know some of what they are. But if someone gets one of my photos 100 years from now, they won’t have a clue. I love that the caption above doesn’t just say, “Aunt Ruth.” She wore the dress to the wedding and the wedding was June 1, 1904.

Meanwhile,,, I’m still scanning dad’s slides. He did a wonderful job of filling out those Kodak cardboard things listing each slide by number. I have looked heavenward and let him know that he did a great thing by filling out that information. It’s in pencil though and difficult to read as they’ve faded. (note to self – use a pen) But, today I scanned a box with no information. Some of the photos were of an aunt & uncle w/ my parents, but I had no clue where the photos were taken. Sent them off to their kids (Dalton cousins) and within a short time heard from them and solved the mystery. The photo is of my mom (yellow shirt), her sister and her sister’s husband, in Florida in the early 80’s.

Then, tonight – I received this from a Desmond cousin – Lisa & I were at a party last night in Cambridge, sitting at a table with Monsignor Paul Ryan (who is probably close to 80 years old, retired and living at St. Catherine’s in Norwood, MA) and he mentioned that he grew up on Williams Street in Forrest Hills.  So, I asked him if he happened to recall a Desmond family from Woodlawn Street.  His eyes opened wide and he said “Peggy Desmond with the beautiful auburn hair ?!?!  Of course I knew them.”  Like most of the boys in the neighborhood, he wished he ‘saw more of her’.  He also remembered Gerald, and insisted that Gerald was a football player (which I don’t ever remember hearing).  He remembered John, also, but couldn’t recall any of the older Desmonds.  He was also friendly with Father Frank Regan from Woodlawn, who I think is still living.

Such a small world, especially with the cousins I have that are scattered all over the country.

One last photo. My Uncle Gerald brought this to me a couple of years ago. That’s my dad on the right. On the photo is written: Bud, Tom, Dave, Snow and Dessy. Dessy is my dad.

From one of my Uncle Gerald’s sons: Hey everyone. Dad used to tell me that he got recruited for the football team when the coach saw him kicking a football. I don’t remember how long, or if, he actually played.

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  1. Peg Sierakowski says:

    Dessy sure had a nice smile…love, Peg

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