Leaf Peeper Season

The busses are rolling through.
The cars with out-of-state plates are driving slowly.
It’s leaf peeper season!

Yankee Magazine has a whole web page for Fall Foliage!
Channel 9 in NH has another page for Fall.

Living in a tourist area can be fun and… exasperating. We spend July and August making right turns to get anywhere as trying to turn left can be impossible. On Labor Day, the tourists go home, back to school, whatever. And then in October, a new bunch arrives to drive along our scenic roads and enjoy the spectacle of color. And, it really is beautiful! The last Craft Fair of the season was in town today. Traffic was a zoo but, it’s the last one until next summer. I don’t need any more stuff, so we don’t go to Craft Fairs any more.

Meanwhile, the acorns are falling. We have a large oak tree right next to the house and the deck. Acorns make a lot of noise. They hit the roof, roll down (we have a cathedral ceiling and can hear them), hit the deck, bounce and hit the windows, and then eventually bounce down to the ground. It can get quite annoying if one is trying to snooze in a chair. We can’t sit on the deck if there’s a breeze, you’d need a hard hat.

Turkeys are still wandering through the yard, usually in the morning. Haven’t seen any deer for a couple of weeks.

We got our share of the rain this week and a mushroom village popped up in the yard.

We’re off to Virginia and North Carolina this month. Moffett’s cousin and his wife, Dick and Lorraine, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in Front Royal, VA. We’re taking advantage of old friendships and stopping to see (and stay with) Bec & Ron Gheen (high school friends of Moffett’s and college friend of mine) and Susan & Bob Bochman (college friend of mine and very instrumental in Chris’s first job) and Chuck & Betsy Bradshaw (college friend of Moffett’s and godparents to Chris). Just love those friends who let us show up!

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4 Responses to Leaf Peeper Season

  1. Vivian says:

    That was a lovely post. I hope you have tons of fun on your travels. Enjoy each other and your friends, there is nothing better. We will pray for traveling mercies for you.

  2. Betsy says:

    We are really looking forward to your visit!!

  3. Meg says:

    Hi, It all sounds great to me. Robert and I leave on a cruise on the 9th of Oct. from NY through New England and Nova Scotia. Wish we had more time to visit everyone. Mary Ellen and Paul might meet us in Boston. We have one day there from 2pm until 10pm. Hope they can make it. Have a great time on your trip, sounds like fun. Love, Meg

  4. Ron Gheen says:

    We can’t wait until you get here! Old folk sleepovers are the best!
    Becky and Ron

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