Road Trip!

Long trip…
Great friends & relatives…
Too much good/great/delicious food…

Oh my god, we were exhausted when we got back!

We left on Thursday, October 9th and returned on Monday, October 27th. We traveled (Moffett’s calculating – may take a minute) 2,613 miles. (Yes, you know who keeps records of our odometer on any trip.)

We went to: Culpeper, VA – Front Royal, VA – Richmond, VA – Staunton, VA – Nags Head, NC – Williamsburg, VA

We stayed with friends and we stayed at a few hotels. Our current favorite hotel is Hampton Inn. Love the beds, and the breakfasts are usually pretty good!

We brought back: Dukes Mayonnaise, Virginia Gentleman Bourbon, Hubs Peanuts – None of which are available in New Hampshire.

We left at Autumn’s “PEAK” in NH and traveled through gorgeous fall beauty in most states. Damn roses are still blooming in North Carolina.

We traveled through more traffic than we’re used to seeing/sitting in at all up here in the woods.

According to the GPS, we were supposed to arrive in Culpeper around 4 or so – didn’t happen. Got there after 7 due to sitting on 95, the beltway and many other roads. On the way back we spent much time on the NJ Turnpike, another of our least favorite roads. Oh well.

Some photos –

In Culpeper with Bec & Ron

A stop in Mineral, with Brooks Besley

A party for Dick & Lorraine – 50 years later in Front Royal

Lunch in Purcellville with Moffett’s Aunt Louisa 

In Richmond w/ Bob & Susan 

Still in Richmond
w/ Moffett’s cousin, Mary, and Uncle Julian

In Staunton w/ Gail & Donnie 

A walk on the beach

Golf weekend

In Nags Head with Richard, Sue, Betsy, Chuck, Brenda & Barry 

Stopping for lunch in Williamsburg with Linda, her granddaughter,
Becky, Carmen & Betsy

Dessert at the Fat Canary in Williamsburg

Nags Head moonrise 

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

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6 Responses to Road Trip!

  1. Sr. H says:

    Ready to go back?

  2. Julian says:

    And we thought we were tired!!

  3. Betsy says:

    Had so much fun with you, Moffett and the Sig Ep crowd at Nags Head. Our girl’s trip to Williamsburg is always fun. The calm before the storm was wonderful. Can’t wait to do it all again !

  4. Ron Gheen says:

    It was great to see you 2. A sight for sore eyes, as they say!! Hope you are behaving. You will be happy to know that the deck DID NOT pass. 😦
    More work to be done. We are off to see the Hokies play GA Tech. Go Hokies!!!!

  5. Kay Berg says:

    Ernie and I were upset that we could not attend, but in today’s mail a cd full of photo’s from Dick and Lorraine…everyone looks wonderful ! I know your trip, less the traffic jams, had to be beautiful this time of the year….God’s color palette. You really had a journey, but know it had to be nice to be back home…always a beautiful ending to a wonderful trip, to open your own front door. Colleen your photo’s are always so nice.
    Love you Colleen and Moffett Edwin

  6. Chris says:

    Veni, vidi.

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