The tree is up in record time!

We still have boxes sitting all over the place but, the tree is up. The big tree. The one we have to use the giant stepladder with, just to put it together. The tree that normally takes us at least a week to finish decorating is up and decorated. It’s a little tilted but hey, not a big deal, right?

We had a tree fall over once. We were living in Ohio (back when I was in college). Mom and dad were out. The four kids were sitting in the living room when suddenly, the tree just toppled. Got it back up, redecorated and tied to the wall with ropes.

If you weren’t fortunate (?) enough to look at my ornaments video yet, and if you have about five minutes and are really bored, click on the tree photo below. Almost all of them have a story or bring back memories of good friends. And to me, that’s what Christmas is about!

There are no ornaments w/ Chris’s name as we packed them up to give to him, when he bought his own home. But he didn’t want them. So, they’re still in a box.

Oh yeah, it snowed yesterday afternoon. Not enough to get excited about but it made tree decorating fun!

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3 Responses to The tree is up in record time!

  1. I LOVE Christmas ornaments, and the stories that go with them! We have a lot of cleaning and furniture rearranging to do before we can get ours up and decorated, but hopefully we’ll get it together before Santa comes 🙂

  2. Meg says:

    Hi, it looks great, surprised Chris didn’t want his ornaments, my girls took theirs for their tree’s. Every year we get a new one, one of these days the tree will just collapse from the weight!

  3. Alice says:

    Colleen, this is sensational! I’m amazed we have so many similar ornaments and the same kind of tree–except my humongous one like yours, that we used in our LV house with it’s 18 foot ceiling, “died” (crucial components broke after many years)–so we replaced it with a slim 7′ 1/2″, on the smallish side I know but I’m glad every year when we put it up and take it down. It just means the stuff we hang on it–each one with memories and like yours, the best kind–kinda fill up the green boughs and all you see are ornaments and lights. Thanks for sharing this. I loved it!

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