Yup, it’s cold up here in New Hampshire. No real snow yet, but it’s cold.

Check out the new “banner” above. The photos are all from dad’s slides and surprise, Christmas photos! I love, love, love that dad took so many photos. Yeah, some are out of focus, some I’d rather never see again but every single one brings back some wonderful memories.

My first camera arrived on a Christmas morning a long time ago in fifth grade. Black and white photos, 12 photos for each roll of film. Dad had created a monster. Then there were the Instamatic Cameras. Do you remember licking the flash cube so it would work? I didn’t get a 35mm camera until college and then took photography classes at college. I still remember the goose bumps watching my first photos actually develop sitting in the tub of chemicals.  I used that camera for years and then Moffett got me a SLR, single lens reflex, early in our marriage. That was fun. We had kids and I was still taking tons of photos. Just after we moved to New Hampshire, Chris convinced Moffett to buy me a digital camera. It was a Sony. It used floppy disks and I was hooked. I’m only on my 3rd digital since then and continue to take lots and lots and lots of photos. I don’t take artistic photos, I just take photos of whatever’s around. Kids, views, Moffett, wild animals, sunrises, sunsets, flowers are all my favorites.

I have almost every photo I’ve taken since that first camera. One day I’ll scan them and post some of them here. I know, you can’t wait…

For now, here’s a few more of dad’s slides, just for fun…

Mom, on a Christmas morning in Alexandria, VA – probably late 50’s, wearing the “Christmas Corsage” I gave her for Christmas.

 Christmas at Selfridge AFB in Michigan. I was a high school sophomore.

Not a Christmas photo, but our cute sons, about 30 years ago when visiting New Hampshire.

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2 Responses to Brrrr…

  1. Sr. H says:

    Great memories! Keep them forever.

  2. Kay Berg says:

    These are wonderful!!! Precious…..You do take wonderful photo’s….I have always said this….I’m like you, I love to take photo’s…of all the same things just click, click, click….and on January 3rd I will be taking many….Our Amy will be having her second child, a baby sister for Hayden!!! 5 year old Hayden is over the moon that she will be a big sister and be able to “help” Mommy and Daddy….Keep the photo gems coming!!! Love Kay

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