Christmas Note

This is our Christmas Card and Christmas Letter for 2010!

Somehow, the time has gotten away from us and so, we’re posting this on the blog instead. We’re also cheap. Not too cheap though. We have a local food pantry here in Meredith that is in need so we’ll send a check to them instead of spending the money on postage and cards.

But lucky you! You still get the letter, albeit, on the web for most of you.

Our biggest news of the year? We both turned 60! Yeah, really. And it doesn’t feel as old as I thought it would feel. There are issues of course, but so far, so good.

Boys are fine. I know, they’re both over 30 but, they’re still the boys. Chris lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, works for Clorox and this year is spending half his time in San Francisco for a job project. He’ll be here for a visit after Christmas and we’ll probably fry another turkey out on the driveway, again. Kyle is in Olathe, Kansas – employed (!!!) as a sales manager at Furniture Deals in Overland Park. Stop by and see him if you’re in the area! He’s getting ready to move to his own apartment after several years of house sharing with some friends. To our knowledge, neither is involved with anyone but then, sometimes I’m the last one to know anything.

Clorox in Bentonville, AR & Furniture Deals in Overland Park, KS

We spent my 60th in springtime Kansas City – flowers and fountains and blue skies (no tornadoes!). We had a great time and loved our visit with Chris & Kyle, along with spending time with some of our friends from our time living there. We also went to Fayetteville, which was absolutely gorgeous in April w/ tulips and flowers and green grass and no jackets. Most amusing part of the trip was our rental car, a Prius. Did we have any clue how to turn on the car? Nah. Sat in the lot like dummies but were able to push the right button and move the car, all the while chuckling at ourselves, sort of… And, when we arrived back in New Hampshire, it was snowing…


Meanwhile, back in NH, dad’s house has still not sold and this is getting to be not so fun. We’ve just changed realtors, we’ve dropped the price and have our fingers crossed. Another winter of shoveling and roof raking for Moffett and Kevin at two houses is not what either of them wants to be doing. If you win the lottery and want to buy a house on the most beautiful lake in New Hampshire, call me! (click to see the house video)

We finally (!) bought a small electric snow blower just for the deck. Moving snow around here in the winter is an experience. When it snows we (or just Moffett, depending on my mood) first push the snow near the garage doors so it’s moved out to the driveway. Then the plow guy comes and does the driveway. Then the deck has to be shoveled and guess what, half of that snow goes onto the – yup, driveway. Then, if it’s snowed a lot, the roof has to be raked and that snow falls to the – yup, deck. So then the deck gets shoveled again onto the – yup, driveway. Then it’s back to clear off the driveway. So far, no snow yet. But we enjoyed watching the snow this week in Minnesota and Virginia.

A fall trek of three weeks was an adventure in traffic and packing/repacking. We stayed with lots of friends (packing & repacking) and saw more traffic than we are in any way used to seeing. Loved seeing friends and relatives in Culpeper, Front Royal, Leesburg, Staunton, Richmond, Nags Head, Williamsburg, and visiting favorite places like Nags Head and Richmond.

Moon rising at Nags Head

We wish you a wonderful Christmas
and a very happy 2011!

Colleen & Moffett

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13 Responses to Christmas Note

  1. Crystal says:

    Merry Christmas!!! xoxo

  2. Ron Gheen says:

    The gangs all coming here the day after (30 or so folks) and I am partially ready! WE have 2 more days of school. Have a Merry one. Ron and Becky

  3. Betsy says:

    Enjoyed the Christmas letter as always. Love the pictures !
    We’ll be happy to send our snow your way.
    Merry Christmas !!

  4. Chris DuPont says:

    Merry Christmas!!! Always love your blog, photos & updates. Think about you & the house often…hoping the new year is your year for a sale!

    Peace, C~

  5. Alice says:

    I can just see you out there pushing the snow around from wherever to the driveway. We have a similar issue clearing the front deck that runs the length of our house. I’ll be sweeping the snow from the top while it falls onto the cleaned sidewalks and driveway below. You could move to Las Vegas where you never worry about the snow. This was a great Christmas card. Thanks! and I know the Food Pantry thanks you, too.

  6. Millie Steel says:

    Our Christmas cards this year will be so late that maybe they will be New Year’s greetings. Your Food Pantry is a beautiful idea. Wishes for you both, dear Colleen and Moffett — a Merry Christmas and peace and harmony in the New Year. Love, Millie

  7. Meg says:

    Hi, as you noticed I hope by now, we also sent out an email Christmas letter, hope it was received if not let me know, I think its the wave of the future!!! Did send out the picture card. Hope that was received as well. Love your blog and all the news please keep doing it, it makes me feel so connected to family. If anyone is ever in Las Vegas please call, the boys are more then welcome to stay also, we have plenty of room.

    Hope your Christmas is wonderful and that your visit with the “boys” is a happy one. Love to you all, Meg and Robert

  8. Gerald and Diane says:

    Great idea to post on the internet…we are so “technology challenged”…we will try to improve by 2011!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Moffett and Colleen!
    P.S. Are you still pumping, Colleen?

  9. helen heiner says:

    Hi to you both
    love your letter and of course all the photos that arrive, puts me to shame with my computer skills, I have saved all around and just decided to forget cards this year and take a bit of time to relax. How’s that for being selfish. Will do some Christmas sharing to take care of the Catholic guilt. Have a very Merry Christmas and a truly healthy and Happy New Year. My love Helen and Jay

  10. james d barr says:

    We always enjoy your notes and wish we had been in Virginia for your visit. We miss seeing you. We also had a similar experience in Naples last winter and could not figure out how to start the rental car and finally had to ask the attendant. It makes you feel very foolish. Glad to hear the boys are both employed. these days that says a lot. We wish everyone a very merry Christmas.
    Jim & Suzanne

  11. Kay Berg says:

    Hey, Cousins!!! Love your Christmas card….and the very sweet thought of the food pantry!!! We just had four straight days of damage in our area. We saw the sun for about 10 minutes. Our Christmas gift will arrive Jan. 3rd when Amy delivers another baby girl….Hayden is beyond excited. We love you both so much, Moffett Edwin and Colleen. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011.
    Kay and Ernie

  12. Wanda Gibble says:

    Great pictures & newsletter!
    Wish I could have borrowed the small snow blower last week. We had several inches of snow & I was stuck inside. You don’t dare go down the ramp & around the pool on a scooter. It’s not the slickness but you don’t want the electronics underneath to get wet! It finally all melted but we may get more tomorrow night into Sunday.
    Have a great holiday & a healthy 2011!

  13. Johnny Leggett says:

    Happy New Year!! We are all well and doing just fine. We now have 3 grandchildren and 2 more are on the way. It is great fun.

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