A new year

A long time ago, the year 2000 seemed a long, long away. 2001: A Space Odyssey – a movie about the future and now it’s the past. It’s really 2011?

One of the things I resolved to do this new year is get more organized. I say that every year but, I have high hopes for this year!

Chris was here the week after Christmas. He did some moving of boxes that we’d have to empty to move. Kids can be valuable help. He also got some computer/technical stuff done for us while here and we enjoyed some great meals including “Faith’s Meatloaf,” fried turkey and prime rib.  We sent the boy home very well fed. Yesterday he left Arkansas for San Francisco. Had to change planes in Denver, where his flight to San Francisco was cancelled. The airline was going to give him dinner and a hotel with a flight to San Francisco this morning. He decided to see if he could get there (SF) anyway and was able to get a flight to San Jose. While at the gate for his flight to San Jose, the airline asked for people to give up their ticket for a $400 credit and they would re-ticket them. Chris did it, got the credit and ended up flying to San Francisco that night. How strange…

Okay, back to organizing. I threw out stuff this weekend. Not a lot. But it’s a start. I even found two cameras with film in them. Got the film out and will get it processed. Who knows what’s there?

Next organizing attempt – I am putting our money info back on Quicken. OMG, we may divorce trying to get this done – not really, but for some reason we have a terrible time agreeing on categories and how to define what/how we’re spending. Being married to a CPA/banker person makes my non-mathematical mind turn to mush. Meanwhile, I’m attempting to make it easier by downloading our stuff automatically from our two banks. Just wouldn’t happen. So this evening I spent some time on the phone with Jessica from Bank of America. Got everything straightened out and hurrah! it works. Our local bank, Citizens, is a different story.  They want to charge us $3.95 a month to use the automatic update with Quicken. I don’t think so…

I will give him credit. I totally screwed up the money report at the church today, called him and begged for help and he was able to fix my errors (yeah, more than one) in just a few minutes. Just looks at it and knows where I goofed.

Funny story – long ago, before we were married – I had written Mom and Dad about this accountant man I was going to marry. (They were living in the Panama Canal Zone and hadn’t met him). Dad wrote that it would probably be a good idea to not even tell him that I had a checking account. I was not a math whiz then and I’m still not. Somewhere, in a box, I may still have that letter. Maybe I’ll find it while I’m “getting organized?”

This weekend’s organizational goal is the Christmas STUFF. Moffett wants to leave the tree up until the next weekend but I’ll drag out the boxes and start organizing this weekend. We’ll have wall to wall Rubbermaid containers but, it’ll get done. I hope…

After that – back to scanning dad’s slides. Prepare yourselves to ignore my emails when I post a new box or two…

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5 Responses to A new year

  1. Julian says:

    Good Luck!!

  2. Chris DuPont says:

    Ignore them?! Are you crazy??? I wait for those emails with wonderful boxes of memories caught on film.

    I laughed at your Quicken paragraph. When Thom & I first started using Quick Books it was hilarious trying to get started…oh my…wouldn’t want to do that again!

    Good luck with the rest of your organizing. I hope you do find that letter written to your parents. And don’t forget to take pix of the rest of your ornaments! 🙂

    Love, C~
    p.s. I stink at math too, must run in our side of the family! 😉

  3. Chuck says:

    Once you get all the old boxes cleaned out and organized, please come to VA for an extended visit and do that for us!

  4. james d barr says:

    Some people just like to punish themselves. Good luck. As always we miss you!!!!

  5. Kay Berg says:

    Organized?This is in store for Ernie and I this year too!! We will give it an E for effort!!! Good luck !!

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