A Couple of Things…

A blogger that I read regularly was injured in the shooting in Tucson. Her daughter updated her blog today at The Burrow. It hurt to read, “My mom was shot three times.” As a mom, reading about the nine-year old girl who was killed, made me stop and think. How could this happen? It sucks.

The KC Chiefs lost their game today. Chris and Kyle were there. They haven’t called. Moffett said they probably don’t have much to say. Before moving to KC, I’d been to two professional football games. It was the Redskins and I couldn’t even tell you who they played. Going to games at Arrowhead was a totally, very neat experience. The energy and enthusiasm were unreal and great fun. I have to be honest. It helped my enthusiasm that we were usually in the bank’s box. It was cool (or warm, depending on the temperature). Food, drinks (a bartender!) and a bathroom. What more could you ask for?

The Christmas STUFF is packed up!!! The tree is still up with the lights on because you know who wants one more night with Christmas tree lights. Actually, he wanted a whole week more but – not going to happen.

Another blog that I read, Time Goes By, features an Elder Storytelling Place. Friday’s story cracked me up. If you’re an “Elder,” take the time to check this out: That Dog Still Hunts.

While there you really should listen to and read Peter Tibble’s “Elder Music.” It’s amazing and I always learn something about the artists! He posts his music column each Sunday and it’s great.

More organizing still to be done. The Quicken stuff is going okay. We’ve let our local bank know that we are not happy that they want to charge us to update Quicken. I’ll let you know what happens. (Yeah, like you care but I’ll still let you know…)

Chief’s Music

Oh – the photos above… That’s Dad through the years. His birthday and date of death are in January so I thought I’d post the photos. I haven’t been back to West Point but my cousin, Marion, and her husband, Dan, stopped there this fall and took the photo of the tombstones. I hadn’t seen Dad’s so it was so nice of them to take pics and send them. Dan’s photo website is: http://www.danalbright.com/.

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