Snow – lots and lots of snow

Yup, it snowed up here in New Hampshire. We measured 13+ inches on the driveway. That’s a lot of snow. We used the new! electric! snowblower on the deck and under the deck at the garage doors. Awesome! It helped that the snow was the fluffy kind. Who knows what the machine will do when it’s the wet and icy kind of snow. Moffett kept cautioning me to NOT run over the cord. Ummm, excuse me, I’ve been vacuuming for years and never ran over that cord. Legos, matchbox cars but never the cord.

The hat is one I gave Moffett shortly after we moved here.
A friend (Hi Kathy!) called it my Elmer Fudd hat!

Schools, etc… were closed on Wednesday but opened on time on Thursday. Main roads were totally clear. As I wrote to a friend, (Hi Diane!), this is not Virginia.

Still doing the organizing thing. MOST of the tree is put away… Moffett had heart failure when I removed all the ornaments and quietly said, “I thought we were going to leave it up for another week.”  Boxes are stored away in the newly organized storage area. Newly organized as I threw more stuff out. But… while sorting, found a box of photos and cards from dad’s house. There were cards sent to Mom when she was ill in the late 80’s and cards sent to dad when he had surgery shortly after Mom died. I looked at the cards, I smiled, I enjoyed memories, then I threw them out. They’re still in the trashcan so I’m hoping I have the strength and smarts to leave them there.

But, I did scan a few of the photos. So, here for your viewing pleasure…

Mom & Dad at West Point – late 40’s

A really poor copy of one of the first pictures taken with my first camera
on Christmas morning way back in the 50’s.
Dad died two years ago today.

An Officers’ Wives Club function in Ohio. I’m in the shortest dress.
Meg is on my left. Mom is in the pink.
Yes, Meg is wearing a wig. And yes, we wore gloves.
We were in the “receiving line.”

Glad you were here to chuckle at the photos! If it keeps snowing, and the electricity stays on… there will be more!

Oh, almost forgot. Several people sent the video below this week – check it out! Yes, it’s seven and a half minutes. It’s worth it.

And finally, today is Delurking Day.
So, leave a comment, please…!!!


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7 Responses to Snow – lots and lots of snow

  1. Crystal says:

    Holy snow! Love the hat. Love. 🙂
    And the other pics! Beautiful.

  2. helen heiner says:

    I am busy with the dejunking – going nicely as long as I can get it to the dump before my brain engages or Jay starts searching. It is a great feeling once it is all gone.
    I love the length of the skirt, did we really look like that??? I have a table set up to finish up the photos, and I am throwing out many of them, do not wish to leave them to history. Enjoy your dejunking I love it. Helen

  3. james d barr says:

    Loved the video but I am still waiting to see Moffett try the new electric snow blower on the roof——- or maybe that was something to be tried when we were all younger (and foolish).
    Love you both.
    Jim and Suzanne

  4. Maret says:

    Glove on the left hand only…lovely! A true example of civility. ‘course it doesn’t go with the slowblower in the hand picture! I’m thinking we’ve come a long way baby!

  5. Sr. H says:

    What’s delurking?

  6. Mike Guyot says:

    I remember snow like that! We have been covered here in Ohio since before Christmas, but it’s stuff one can deal with. I tell people here about New England winters, but no one believes me.
    We have a snow blower, a 19 year son named Matt!

  7. Kay Berg says:

    Such a cute photo of you and your Dad, Sweetie I love the one of your Mother and Dad too, young and in love…Love the Fudd hat, especially who is under it…Love You, Cousin Kay

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