Expensive Snow

Okay, I’m ready for spring now. I’ve had enough.

Our total plow bill for the past few storms is $320. Who knew snow could be so expensive? That’s just our house. We haven’t gotten the bill for dad’s house (which is still on the market – Win the lottery and buy the lake house!). Wish we would win the lottery, ummm, not that I play… Moffett does, but no big bucks, yet.

A friend wrote about putting on her cute ski pants, adding lipstick and convincing a passing plow truck to plow her driveway for $20. I don’t think that would work for me??!! There are NO “passing plow trucks” here on our road. I have no “cute” ski pants. Lipstick just isn’t going to do it. Oh well.

The roof is a whole ‘nother story. It’s gotta be cleared and Moffett has hired someone to do that. He’ll be here tomorrow. Well, maybe, as they’re forecasting another 3-6 inches of the white stuff. We’re (royal “we” as I’ve never attempted the roof stuff) getting too old for this. He (the hired/paid shoveler) will also do dad’s house.

Two years ago we were getting ready for dad’s funeral. Our driveway was practically non-existent due to the huge piles of snow that were everywhere. We asked the church’s “plow guy” to come and clear it away as we had no room for extra cars. He came, he moved snow and then sent no bill. When we called and asked for the bill, he told us he’d read dad’s obit and so his work was a gift to dad’s service. (Yeah, still makes me tear up.)  We sent him a check anyway but it was really, really nice. I love living here in our small town!

My cousin, Jerry, sent the SNOW photos below. Enjoy!





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9 Responses to Expensive Snow

  1. helen heiner says:

    talk about the roof raking and being too old, Jay decided to shovel part of the back roof and I said No, call the number you have, he did but they didn’t respond fast enough the next thing, he was on the roof with a rope tied around his waist which was attached to the bunk beds in that room. I politely told him that was crazy. A while later he came down and said that was the last time he was going on the roof. Thank God!! Now to get him to call the number and set up another appointment for the young man to shovel. Spring will come. Helen

  2. james d barr says:

    Loved the story about the man who graded the drive the day of the funeral. It brightened my day and gave me that warm inner emotion that makes you want to hug someone. Love.
    Jim and suzanne

  3. h cutting says:

    Enough! It’s only January!

    At least it was a day off.

    We have a few months to go!


  4. Gail Dobbs says:

    Too much! We are getting too old for all that work.
    So… we are going to Arizona for the month of February. We are sharing a townhome with Sophie and J.J. and visiting long time friends in Green Valley near Tucson. Joe and Peggy live in Arizona part of the year and then go back to Oregon. We are excited! Come visit!

  5. There has been a rash of snowblower thefts here – apparently they can be pawned at a good price, considering all the snow we’ve gotten.

  6. Wanda Gibble says:

    Bob said we need to figure out Global Warming before we all freeze to death!

    Good news here. We’re supposed to have rain & snow on Wed. but the temp. is supposed to be 47. Do the “weather guessers” even look at their forecasts?

  7. Millie Steel says:

    Love that sign “Unassembled snowmen for sale cheap!” If we lived on a busy road. (we’re at the end of a dead end street) I would have fun displaying it! We, like everybody else I guess, have plenty of it to offer! Had to chuckle over the snow covered lounges with dark glasses. Those pictures of snow fun are so clever!

    Just got back from a weekend in NYC and there too, it was bitter cold with patches of snow around and lots of slush on the sidewalks when sun came out. People were bundled walking their dogs who, most of them, were wearing jackets!

  8. Kay Berg says:

    How sweet of the gentleman to plow your drive for your Dad’s funeral…sweet of both of you…Love the sign for unassembled snow for sale cheap!!! the other photo’s are clever…..especially the lounger’s with sun-glasses and snow chair and snow tv…..We still have snow…on the very top of the mountain ridge!!!! We do not have to get rid of it!!! Keep smiling…you two are great!!!

  9. gab roberts says:

    Snow pics are a riot-we are on a grand tour-just Mikey and me-started in Asheville,NC, on to Nashville and then to Tunica Mississippi to stay at a Harrah’s Casino-had a blast and Mikey won big-I didn’t but you can only play the slots for so long! We are now in New Orleans and I have a rotten cold, so I’m going to take a nap and -surprise-there is a Harrah”s Casino right across the street so that’s where M went-we will be here at least two more nights and then we’re off to Miami via the panhandle-kind of free form at this point-I’m trying to get to warmth and sunshine-will check in later

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