I still have most of those pictures…

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.  ~Eudora Welty

I’ve been taking photos since 5th grade. My sister, Meg, and I both got cameras that Christmas. It had the flip-up top and you held the camera at your waist to look down and snap! your photo. We even called them snapshots. There were 12 exposures on each roll of film, and I only had black and white film. I still have most of those pictures…

In high school, the big deal was Instamatic cameras and color film. Woo Hoo!  An even bigger deal was the flash cubes. 4 flash photos – easy! Unless you had to stop and lick the cube to make it work which meant of course that you’d lost one photo out of your twelve. I still have most of those pictures.

In college I received my first 35mm camera, yes, at Christmas.  I promptly signed up for a photography class and loved watching my photos “come to life” while soaking in the solution. Way cool! It was a rangefinder, not a SLR and I loved learning all about f-stops and depth and focus and speeds. And, it was back to black and white film, albeit 24 or 36 exposures per roll. I still have most of those pictures. When I finished the class, I did color photos and slides as slides were cheaper. Well, the slides were cheaper, but then having prints made cost me a small fortune. Say it with me, “I still have most of those pictures.”

After marriage and before children, my husband gave me a Minolta SLR. I used that camera for a gajillion years. We had two babies and yes, there were photos. We moved and there are photos. The babies grew up and I kept taking photos. Yup, still got ’em.

Digital came along and our eldest created a monster by convincing his dad to get me, good ole mom, a digital camera. It was a Sony and used 3&1/2 inch floppy disks. It was cumbersome but really wonderful to shove that disk into the computer and wow! magic! my photos appeared on the computer screen.

I’m on my third digital and still love taking pictures. They’re not great but every single one is a memory. Erma Bombeck wrote at one time how photos are much better to save than video. The video, regrettably doesn’t lie. The photo – well the stories we can tell about some of our photos. “I remember that – that’s when so and so did such and such.” The fish stories have bigger fish that got away cuz there’s no photo and no video of the one that got away.

Speaking of video – we did that, too. I have a drawerful of Sony mini tapes and no way to look at them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Now, about all those photos on the computer. I still have most of those photos. It’s ridiculous!

And – the dad who gave me my first camera – well, he had a lot of photos and slides (lots and lots of slides, boxes and boxes of Kodak carousels full of slides), and now, I still have most of his pictures. I’m still scanning slides, the photos are next. It’s a massive job but I’m having a wonderful time.

If my computer died and I lost the photos, I’d cry, a lot. So they’re backed up. They’re backed up in several places. I have a back up drive just for the photos and have recently been copying all of them to Picasa on the web. I paid for the extra storage.

Funny story, sort of. Back in the days, I used a mail in photo processing place. After our honeymoon, I sent in my rolls of film. When they came in the mail, I was very excited. Until I looked at the photos and… they were not my photos. I cried. This was back in the old days with no computers, no internet, no way to figure out how to contact the mail in place. So I called a local photo store for their advice. They calmed me down, had a phone number for the mail in store but told me to check my negatives – and they were mine! So the honeymoon photos were saved. Not that they were great, but they were our memories on paper. And yup, still got ’em!

Below is the very first photo taken with my very first camera
of dad and me.

And, the digital in December, 1999

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  1. Chuck Bradshaw says:

    Not only do photos capture the memories, love of the camera teaches one to see things differently, and I think, better. Few things have given me more satisfaction than my cameras – guess that is why I just ordered another, even though I have one in each glove compartment, a spare at the cottage, not to mention several in the closet.

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