February, there’s more?

“February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.”
–   Dr. J. R. Stockton

“February, when the days of winter seem endless and no amount of wistful recollecting can bring back any air of summer.”
–   Shirley Jackson,  Raising Demons

February has never been a favorite month of mine. I don’t know why. Just the way it is.

Today, February 1st, is not helping. It started snowing this morning and it’s still snowing. And this isn’t even the BIG snow. That’s supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Growing up in Virginia in the 50’s, snow was a big deal. You’d listen to the radio for the list of school closings. We lived in the DC area with tons of schools, so it was important to listen carefully. Now, it seems like most school systems have an automatic phone system that calls each student’s house around 5am. Ick, I’d rather listen to the radio.

As a teacher in the 70’s, I loved having a snow day! But not several in a row. It took days to get the kids back on track after their time at home, cooped up and driving their parents slightly bonkers.

In the late 70’s we had small children, as did most of our neighbors in our Richmond, VA subdivision. Snow can bring Richmond to a complete stop, so even the husbands were home some snow days. Inevitably, a group of them would end up making a run to the local grocery store for necessities. And it really was mostly necessities, like milk, diapers and as long as they were there, beer.

Now, working in a small church office, we close when there’s too much snow. And if we don’t close, I go home anyway due to our road and our driveway. I’ve walked up both in the past, in the snow, and I don’t want to do that again.

The road…

The driveway…

January’s driveway snow…

And yup, closed the office at 11, slid home and I doubt I’ll be going anywhere tomorrow.
And… we don’t need anything from the store!

Just for fun, a friend sent this video, “Live, Freeze, Then Die!”
And our picnic table is put away so no photos of the snow on the picnic table.

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3 Responses to February, there’s more?

  1. Chris Skinner says:

    Keep the pics coming. I’m using them to share with the folks I’m working with from South America who think it’s cold in San Francisco and think I’m crazy for not wearing a jacket and eating outside.

  2. Loved the family pic and your Mary Tyler Moore flip hairdo. Priceless.
    I thought only Minn was going for record snow, but now it seems the entire country is smitten with it.
    Today we also had below zero windchills.

  3. Wanda Gibble says:

    Great pics as usual! We are safe here. Monday I went out & bought rain boots and snow boots. If it works like the generator we bought that kept the bad weather away, no more storms for us!

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