Throw it out!

Moffett is/was in California for his Uncle Frank’s funeral. He and Chris were both able to be there and I’m glad. A little envious, it’s warmer there and it would have been nice to see his family but… I’m here.

Me – I’m continuing to shovel out our stuff. Although this house has a lot of storage space, it really doesn’t have a lot of storage space when you consider how much stuff I’d like to store. There’s no attic. Well, there is, but getting to it is not worth the effort. You have to crawl through a hole in a closet ceiling. We don’t store anything up there. (The air conditioner is up there. Every year, we have to empty that closet so the unit can be serviced.) There’s a basement but that’s the guest room, furnace room and garage. In the basement is a small storage room with the furnace and water and some shelves. That’s it for hiding stuff.

Today I trashed:

Garbage Pail Kids cards – a disgusting phase our sons went through in elementary school
Needlework projects – I’m never going to finish them and heaven only knows where the directions are, anyway
Postcards – lots of them from lots of places
Computer program disks (Office 97) – they’re gone
Zip disks – used to store lots of stuff on these, not anymore
Zip disk cases – no zips, won’t need the plastic cases
The box that stored my wedding dress. Yeah, should get rid of the dress but I’m not ready to do that
(Moffett pulled the sales receipt out of the box before taking it to the dump. The dress cost $145 back in 1974.)
Sons’ prom pictures. Saved one of each and the rest are gone
Sons’ yearly school pictures. Same, saved one and rest are gone
A whole bunch of New Kids on the Block posters – youngest said, “yup, trash”

We still have much to do, but it’s a start.

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  1. Mary says:

    I cleaned out the linen closet today. I love space-bags!

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