Goin’ to Kansas City

The snow is melting. Yay! Our forecast calls for several inches of snow tomorrow. Boo! We can see parts of the yard. The daffodils are still buried under the snow…

There are a whole bunch of turkeys outside the window as I sit here typing on the porch. Lots of deer have been showing up each evening. Our neighbor let us know he spotted a bobcat in their yard the other day.

I’m off to Overland Park, KS (Kansas City) this week to spend a WHOLE week with our youngest son. Old friends! Shopping! Eating! Warm weather! (Well, warmer than here…) I love living here but every now and then, I need some malls, restaurants and yup, even traffic. I’m flying Southwest soooo, no luggage charge, which could be a good thing if I have a lot of fun shopping. Spending a week with the youngest should be great fun. He’s promised to entertain me when he’s not working. I’m guessing we’ll spend much of our time watching basketball – Go Spiders!

We did a video of our drive to dad’s house. The realtor had some people coming to look so we went over to dust and shovel. I dusted, Moffett shoveled.

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