The 90th Birthday Party!

Chris arrived last week – a day late but – he got here.

On Saturday, we were going to leave early to drive down to Mary Ellen and Paul’s at the Cape. Got up early, packed – and then, it started snowing. And it kept snowing. So we left later and drove through some of the yuckiest snow/slush/rainy stuff I’ve ever driven through. Shortly after getting to I93, there was a car off the road (we slowed down) – then another – then more (slowed some more). There was even a car facing the wrong direction, with the passenger door ripped off. Chris said, “Aha, jaws of life!” Nope – just down the road was a truck – with the car door stuck in the wheel well. Drove really slow then. All the while I’m mumbling and grumbling, “If it wasn’t Uncle Joe’s birthday, we’d go home.”

We made it to Mary Ellen and Paul’s and had a delightful afternoon watching the rain and the birds, along with a lot of chatting and laughing. Enjoyed a delicious Easter Dinner that night and slept like a log.

Sunday – no rain – Yay! And we’re off to Attleboro. By the time we got there, it was 78 degrees and sunny!

Uncle Joe was sitting on the back deck so I went right up to him and announced, “Hey Uncle Joe! It’s your favorite goddaughter, Colleen, and I’m here to celebrate your 90th birthday.” The smile, the surprise and the joy made every damn snowflake worth it.

Growing up, Uncle Joe was always the quiet one in the background, just sort of taking care of things without any fuss whenever we visited. He’s the last guy of the IMADs, aka “I married a Dalton.” The group included my dad and my Uncle Gene. He had the most fantastic train setup in their basement. Loved it as a kid!

He loved his birthday party! He had his kids – Braden, Mary Ellen & Liz along with Paul, grandsons, Chris & Brian, Chris’s wife, Laurie and their daughters, Brianna and Victoria. And us, the cousins, and Joe thought it was pretty cool that our Chris was with us. He’d never met Chris. It was truly “Joe’s Day” and he was so appreciative of everyone.

Oh – and the cards – AWESOME! Liz and Braden said each day was a new surprise with the cards arriving and Joe was tickled!

Dropped Chris off at Logan on our way home and life went back to our normal workaday stuff on Monday.

But I’m still smiling and happy that Uncle Joe turned 90, and that I could be there.

There are pictures – yeah, a few people made comments about Aunt Helen, Jr….

Click on the photo to see the rest.

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2 Responses to The 90th Birthday Party!

  1. Meg says:

    Hi, sounds like it was a lot of fun, wish I could have been there also. Thanks for sharing all the pictures, they are wonderful. Everyone looked great!
    Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  2. Lynne Popadak says:

    What a wonderful time! And the photos are great. Bet there were a lot of pics taken that day. Ah, Attleboro – truly makes me homesick.

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