Rain, rain, go away

It’s raining, again. It’s still cold – I don’t think we’ve ever had a fire in the wood stove in May but, I guess there could be a first time. It is beautifully, lushly green out there though, and so, I have hope.

A gorgeous rainbow showed up on Mother’s Day.

The deck furniture is up on the deck, courtesy of Chris when he was here for Easter. Have we even sat out there yet? No.

I moved my turtlenecks and heavy sweaters to the other closet. Yesterday, I had to dig some of them out to wear… Well, that’s not exactly true. I moaned and groaned because I couldn’t find them. Moffett calmly found them and then reminded me that I moved them. Duh…

The AC people are coming tomorrow to do the annual check on the unit. I’m glad I won’t be here when they turn it on. I’d have to find more sweaters. Wonder if we’ll even use it this year?

Chris will be 34 in two weeks. Good grief!

November, 1977



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  1. Chrissykat says:

    Heavens…I guess that means I’ll be 44 a few weeks after him! Oh my! 😉

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