That Yellow Thing in the Sky

It’s the sun – that nice yellow thing up in the sky. I haven’t had to use my windshield wipers for three days!

It’s difficult to think that it was warm and sticky enough today to turn on AC – ummm, not going to happen as the temperature has dropped now that the sun has set. And, last week, it was soooo chilly and damp we considered lighting up the wood stove. Ahhh, New Hampshire…

A friend’s mom died this week, Mrs. Plaster. She was a neat lady who always made me feel like part of the family whenever I stayed at their home. As an Army Brat, I ended up with several “other moms & dads.” While in college in Virginia, my parents and family lived in Ohio, Minnesota, New Jersey and the Panama Canal Zone. Nope, I didn’t get to go home on a weekend. But – my friends’ families were always very kind to invite me and I loved getting to visit and enjoy a break. The nicest thing, Mrs. Plaster’s daughter, Becky, is still a friend, along with her husband. (They both went to high school with Moffett.) Her daughters are on my Facebook list. We even got to spend an evening with Becky’s daughter, Becca, and her husband when we were in Seattle a couple of years ago. Some friendships last for a long time and are still special even though many years (a LOT of years) have gone by. Needless to say, the internet has helped keep us all in touch with each other…

Our yard looks like a farm field – mowing is on the to do list.

Our mailbox is gone. A neighbor slid into it and our paper box back in March. First, the ground was still too hard (frozen) to dig a hole. Now, we just haven’t had time… or, it’s been raining. So Moffett picks up the mail at the post office once or twice a week. Maybe he’ll get that done this weekend.

Lived in Kansas. Heard the sirens. Did the basement thing. It was scary.
On Monday morning, Chris emailed: “Got to OP. Came through Joplin about an hour after the storms.”
On Wednesday, Kyle texted: “I’m okay.”  Huh? I had no clue that a tornado was just blocks away from his job.

Gray hair, who me? Nope, hair appointment tomorrow morning.

Memorial Day
Please take a moment on Monday to think of those who protect us and have protected us. It’s important.

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