August in New Hampshire

We used to visit New Hampshire every August. It was cooler than Richmond or Overland Park and so, off we’d go!

Right now it’s a breezy 60 something out there, the sun is shining and there’s no – none! – humidity. Might even have to throw a blanket on the bed tonight. (Remember, I will whine about our weather in February…)

We celebrated our 37th Wedding Anniversary yesterday!

Yup – here’s a photo from 37 years ago.

There are 18 (I think…) Desmond cousins arriving this weekend. They’re Trabers and their mom was my dad’s sister. The one Desmond is the son of one of dad’s brothers. It should be an awesome week! They’ve rented a humongous house in Moultonboro, on Lake Winnipesaukee, not too far from us.

Today, I came out of the office to go to lunch – and had a flat tire. AAA came and changed it this afternoon but when I went to leave, the spare they put on looked a little not so airy. Couldn’t find Moffett on the cell so drove to a local gas station hoping someone would be there who would help. I don’t do air in tires. I did it once and emptied four tires, so I don’t do air. Anyway, our maintenance guy was there along with his son. Son, a local policeman here in town, very kindly came out and put the air in the tire. I’m still disgruntled that you have to pay for air! Seventy-five cents!

Haven’t seen mama bear and the cubs since I took the photos in July. Mama turkey wanders through and the baby turkeys (turkettes? turklings?) are not so baby looking anymore.

Chris has been in Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru the last two weeks for work with Clorox. He wrote today to let us know that he’s staying another two weeks. He sent a photo of his dinner the other night and made us guess what it is. I was clueless. It’s called Cuy – and it’s guinea pig. Ewww, I don’t think I would eat that.

Our anniversary dinner last night – with my cousin Gerald who arrived early for the cousins’ week.

Oh – and the guy in the tux in the bottom left photo up there on the header – he’s the one who put car wax on our windshield before we drove off on our honeymoon. Totally denied it until our wedding pictures showed up and oh, look who’s holding the can of car wax over our car’s windshield. Thanks, Chuck – always makes me smile!

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10 Responses to August in New Hampshire

  1. Crystal says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! 🙂

  2. Alice says:

    Such an innocent looking couple! We had Hubby’s family–in the house in all the guest rooms and then some–during the whole of July! Your family is much more thoughtful by renting that house. It should be lots of fun when most of the responsibility doesn’t fall on two shoulders (mine & hubby)! I wondered what that was in the plate–CUY! Ewwwwwww. I wrote about it on my Peru posts. Remember? And btw, you two look even better than you did 37 years ago! Keep on smilin’!

  3. gab roberts says:

    Happy anniversary-we had our 42nd in July!!! Not too many of us still married to the original!!! Michael had mohs surgery-he had cancer in his hand and the original surgery was not good enough-they got it all this time-seventeen stiches later and he is acting like he had an amputation!! Can’t do anything with his right hand until the stitches come out next Thursday!! I’m off to “tha rivah” Monday to play bridge for three days, eat, drink and be merry and forget everything!!Hope you have a wonderful family thing-love to all. GAB

  4. gab roberts says:

    I have no earthly idea if any of this works!!!

  5. Millie Steel says:

    Congratulations on your 37th Anniversary! Great picture!
    Stay warm tonight! –our local paper forecasts tonight to be in the 40s/50s here in Plainfield.

    A good friend in SC has been suffering 100 degree days for past month, only now dropping down to the 90s. No complaining here!

    A little note of interest: Marion Frank celebrated her 101 birthday early July.
    She sounds sharp as ever on the phone. She is still in the Ledges in Laconia and seems to be doing well. Millie Steel

  6. Ron Gheen says:

    Happy Anniversary and birthday to Moffett. We enjoyed our phone chat and look forward to October! Let’s always hang on to old friends! 🙂
    Becky and Ron

  7. Meg says:

    Happy 37th, Yea that’s so great! And wish we could get all the Dalton cousins to get together! Maybe this will spure us on! Have a great time.

  8. Donna Dunn says:

    60 degrees and no humidity – what a wonderful break from the weather! PC Beach is pretty darn hot – thank goodness for the sea breeze every afternoon.

    Hope your anniversary week is wonderful.


  9. Gail Dobbs says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Happy Birthday Moffett! We’ve had a busy summer.

    Emma for 2 weeks, Amy and the boys for 2 weeks and a friend of Donnie’s
    from Oregon for 10 days. Fun but busy! How’s the deck coming?

  10. James D. Barr says:

    Happy anniversary. Some people just never age!

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