A Hurricane… in NH?

Well, no – by the time Irene got to us it (she?) was a “Tropical Storm.” Um, excuse me – tropical storms in New Hampshire?

Many years ago, we left Nags Head a day early due to a hurricane. Packed it up in the middle of the night and drove north very, very early in the morning. I think that hurricane missed the Outer Banks…

Many, many years ago, I have a photo (somewhere…) of us (Mom, me and my sister) sitting on a huge, downed tree in Attleboro, Massachusetts. I don’t remember it. It was probably 1954. Dad was in Korea.

Our friends in Richmond (Hi, Gab!) are in a local Hampton Inn as their home has no power.

We had about 6 hours of no electricity on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t fun. We have a portable generator but – have never used it…

Next project, when we do the deck, will be to have a whole house generator installed. I have “generator envy.” Friends who have whole house generators love them. When/if the power goes off, the generator kicks in automatically. No dragging the portable from the garage to the other side of the house. No moving our tons of junk out of the way to move said generator.

No power out here means – no water. And that means – no flushing. Ewwwww…

It also means – no coffee in the morning… I don’t do – no coffee in the morning…

So, we had secured the deck furniture. Moffett cleaned the pine needles out of the gutters. We filled the giant water container. We had a bucket ready to refill the toilets (flushing…). We had booze. We charged the cell phones and the iTouch (Angry Birds…) and the laptop and the netbook. We had flashlights. (Well, sort of – we lost one but found it.) We had battery lamps that were a pain to put together. And we had a thermos of coffee just in case. We had a radio with batteries but it turns out the battery connection is not working. Oh well. We found another one.

Power blipped out at 11:30am and came back on at 5:30pm. We quickly did dinner and amazingly, the power stayed on all night. Woo Hoo!

And I spent part of my afternoon thinking about Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Waltons.

I really don’t remember power outages from my childhood…

No damages here. One very large branch from a pine tree fell down. Lots and lots of small stuff fell down. Moffett filled the back of the truck with debris that he took to the dump this morning. We still had no Internet this morning, GASP!, but it was back by lunchtime.

So, life goes on…

Even better, friends from Kansas just called to see if we were okay. I love having friends.

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11 Responses to A Hurricane… in NH?

  1. Rachel says:

    Glad the worst was the power outage for you!

  2. Ron Gheen says:

    Glad you are okay. Irene didnt bother us much, but the EARTHQUAKE was another story!!!!!
    Have you spoken to Katie??
    We were in school with the little ones. Glad it is over.

  3. Hurricane or not, I still say you live in a most stunning part of the country. Glad everything is okay (relatively speaking).

  4. gab roberts says:

    Glad you did so well! Sent Mickey home while I played bridge(nothing stops bridge!!) to clean out fridge and freezer-he made twelve trips to the dumpster-just got back to the hotel from dinner-this place is crawling with FEMA people-it is an area staging place-as far as I can tell they stand in groups of three or four and look at each other-nothing more-nothing less!!! Am out of here in the AM and headed to Dover Downs for a little R&R-an earthquake and a hurricane in one week is more than I can handle-I’m out of here just ahead of the locusts! Will be in touch.

  5. Meg says:

    so glad your ok, could have been in Vermont with all the floods, thank heavens your high on the hill! I remember power outages a lot as a child, and that tree you were sitting on with Margaret Gene I think was in our yard in Norton, we lost a large tree in 1954 to a hurricane. If it had fallen the other way it would have gone right through the house, th luck of the Irish!

  6. Russ R says:

    Very happy that you guys are safe and secure. All was quiet on the western front. West Michigan, that is. we had our own little storm cells that kicked up Lake Michigan a tad. I like your idea of a whole house generator. Our power goes out a couple time a year, give or take, so I have plenty of practice rigging our generator. From first flicker to noisy thing chugging away in the driveway is under 10 minutes. I noticed the weather guessers didn’t flash back to their earlier in the week forecasts and storm tracks that had Irene moving up the coast, but the eye staying over water.

  7. Jim and Suzanne says:

    Glad you did so well through Irene. We were not so lucky and have not had power since noon sat. This note is coming from St Mary’s Hosp where Amy delivered Nicholas last night 7lbs 12oz. We have underground utilities but this is the last time without a generator.

  8. Tom Hake says:

    I hope no one is sitting in those tied up chairs.

    Tom Hake
    St. Louis

  9. colleen says:

    From my cousin, Mike
    I bet that was hurricane Carol. We were on the Cape when that hit and it took Mom’s car away, it was a small Hillman Minx. It floated away. It was water tight and someone bought it from Dad later when they found it! I saw a woman on top of a house floating by, My dad kept saying the police said we are going to get off the Cape on a duck! Now I’m 6 so I had visions of riding on a real duck! I was very confused! We watched a man taking home movies of his sail boat being smashed by the wind. He said he didn’t have insurance for water damage, but had wind damage. He was crying. That was 1954. Mom was pregnant with Meredith, she was blown right out of the car, a Packard! I remember screaming “My mom is dead!” No one knew what the hell it was, just a big storm. We found out later. Then we moved to FLA. and had 3 more hurricanes! Mom was not a happy camper! Thanks for the blogs, they’re wonderful.

  10. Alice says:

    Sounds like you’ve had quite an adventure! I was thinking of you as we watched the storm (weather channel) go up the coast–we had reservations for NYC for Monday morning. Miraculously we made it out of here on time and found NY hardly touched by the time we arrived on Monday afternoon. It wreaked havoc on NH and Vermont, didn’t it? Glad you came out okay…I see generators in everybody’s future.

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