Making a left turn…

We can turn left again! You have no idea how wonderful that can be!

Most of the vacation tourists have headed home. They’re wonderful visitors and thankfully they spend lots of money while here at the lakes, but – it’s nice to have a quiet town for a while. The towns around the lake wouldn’t survive without them and I used to be one of them (a tourist/visitor).

Driving around here can be an experience, with or without the tourists. We have lots of retired folks and some – really, old folks. Their driving abilities often leave a lot to be desired but you know what? That’s okay. I’ve decided it really isn’t such a big damn deal if it takes me a minute or two more to get somewhere just because I’m behind someone who is crawling along at a slower speed.  I refuse to tailgate them. I stay way back and just enjoy the view and maybe some music on the radio.

I remember when Chris was born and I stopped working (teaching). It was so nice to be able to throw him in the car to head to a mall. (Um, yeah, we lived in a city then.) But – the most amazing discovery was the number of little old ladies driving humongous cars – very slowly. I was impatient then but – having the car seat with the baby in the back seat… I was driving differently also. So, I learned to take my time and I still got where I was going.

Our grocery stores are similar to our roads. One – we don’t have huge, wide aisles (just like we don’t have huge, wide roads in our small town) and so, if someone stops with their cart, so do the rest of us behind them. Sometimes they need a hand reaching something on a shelf. I can do that. Sometimes you’ll see an elderly person in the parking lot, trying to navigate their cart, along with a cane and then get the bags into their car. (No Ukrops here…*) We can help with that. Last winter there was a woman trying to scrape snow from her windshield – now this one’s a little scary. She cleared just a small space in front of the driver’s seat and that was all. I offered to help her with the rest, even had my long-handled scraper in hand. She refused my help, said that was all she needed and – are you ready??? “It’s not that important because I don’t have my glasses and can’t see that well anyway.” That one was a little scary.

Another watchful moment – pulling into a parking lot. Many of the folks here stop! as soon as they get into the parking lot to figure out where to go. We warn our visitors to watch for this as often – if you’re behind them, you’re still stuck on the road waiting for them to decide where they’re going.

Hopefully, one day, not soon… I’ll be one of those elderly drivers and I sincerely pray that the person behind me will have learned to be patient and kind.

Next month! Leaf peepers on buses – even more fun!!

*Ukrops was a wonderful, fantastic grocery store in the Richmond area. They had wonderful, fantastic, retired gentlemen that took your groceries to your car. No tipping was allowed. They were closed on Sundays and sold no alcohol. They’re gone now…

We’re a chain of grocery stores. But chances are, we’re unlike any other supermarket you’ve seen. The difference is all in our attitude. See, we all really like our jobs, and you can tell. Go ahead. Walk into one of our stores. Ask one of our associates a question about a product. You’ll get a cheerful response. Make a special request. We’ll do everything possible to fulfill it. Shop away. We’ll take all those groceries out to the car for you, and carefully pack them in your trunk (and a small ‘thank you’ is tip enough).


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  1. Alice says:

    Wow that woman who couldn’t see very good anyway makes my skin crawl. Like you point out here, one day we’re liable to be the slow driver ahead (maybe I already am?) and hope people will be understanding. You’ve reminded me how important it is to be kind and understanding whether people are old and slow or just having a bad day. It could be us.

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