Yup, it snowed

A few photos from this morning…

As of now, knock on wood, we have electricity…

Kevin came over to cut the grass on Saturday
– and move wood – and move deck furniture –

The plow guy came – and slid off the driveway –
Now he’s here waiting for the tow truck…
I don’t think we’re getting out anytime soon.

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5 Responses to Yup, it snowed

  1. Oh Colleen, I can’t stand to look at the pics. Are you sure they weren’t from last January. YIKES!!!!!!

  2. Chuck Bradshaw says:

    Nice commercial for the Ford Truck!!

  3. Alice says:

    What a shock that must have been. The place looks beautiful though.

  4. kenju says:

    Thanks for the visit, Colleen. I much prefer the top 2 photos – and not the snow. I’d be livid if we had snow that early (for all the good it would do me)….LOL

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