About the electricity…

We’re biting the bullet and getting a whole house generator…

I’d never even heard of one before we moved here. We bought a portable generator shortly after moving in. New Hampshire had a BIG ice storm in 1998, the year before we moved here. And it was not fun according to friends.

We’ve never used the portable generator…

It’s a pain. It’s in the garage and so would need to be pulled to the other side of the house. We have the hook-up for it and that’s where it gets plugged in. It runs on gas so we need to have gas. And to be honest, I think you need to be younger than us to deal with all this pulling and plugging (don’t go there…).

Our friendly electrician, who used to work with his dad, came out this week to meet with Moffett and determine what we should have. So we’ll get the generator and the propane tank(s).

We’ve not lost power for more than 24 hours since we moved here. But, there’s always the chance. It would be different if we were able to get out easily if there’s a lot of snow, but we can’t.

And yup, we knew this when we moved to this house. We love living here and if it takes a generator to keep us here, then, that’s what we’ll do.

2008 Ice Storm

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  1. Alice says:

    I kind of predicted this, remember? But I consider it a smart move. I’ve lived in the east. Ice storms are by far the worse weather conditions mother nature could throw at you! The next thing–we’re already there–is to find somebody, a handyman of sorts, is available to do the hard labor! At this point it beats moving to an old-age facility! 🙄

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