Building a…

We have to replace our deck. It’s old. It’s not going to stay up through many more snow storms. Even the stairs aren’t weren’t safe.

Chris (eldest son) pointed out that the stairs were coming off the deck last spring. He’s a very smart young man but I really thought he was exaggerating.

The builder who came out this summer to look at the deck and help us decide what to do about building a new deck, took one look at the stairs and said, “You’re not using those, are you?” Ummmm, well yes…

He told us to block them off. Stop using them immediately. He sent someone over that week to repair the stairs.

He’s a busy guy and we told him we weren’t in any hurry. He’s also a friend from church. I know builders are having a tough time right now, so we let him know that he was welcome to do other jobs before ours.

Last weekend, he showed up with the plans for – are you ready… new deck and (yippee!) new screen porch.

This has all quickly turned into a massive “get everything done at one time” project.

So – I’ve set up a new page (see, up there at the top?) to post photos of the construction as it progresses. (

The projects:
Whole house generator
More parking (if you’ve been here, you know it’s not easy)
Screen porch and deck
New roof

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2 Responses to Building a…

  1. Chris says:

    Screened Porch!!!! Woot! Woot!

    You’ve got a lot of projects going on! It’ll be fun to watch the progress!

  2. Alice says:

    These “projects” have a way of growing!!!! Have you considered new paint over the whole interior–while you’re at it, you know. 😉 That’s what I want to do next here, just don’t wanta do it myself.

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